I wanted my efed I have prove promisaed and u gave my spot away!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 13, 2014.

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    Don't tell me shit unless you mean it! U LIE TO ME AND GAVE IT SOMEONE ELSE! I TOLD HAD PLAN AND THIS VERY UNPROFESSORIAL! @Xanth @Crayo @CM Punk @Senhor Perfect

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    No, but seriously, why do you care so intently about something so simple as an e-fed this much? Besides, Roadie's deal was with Big Hoss Rambler, not Xanth, and BHR probably didn't have any realization that Xanth had that scheduled for you. Better yet, I don't see why he'd necessarily need to care considering how something like this isn't going to affect the forum THAT drastically. I can see where you're trying to come from, but looking at it objectively, there's no purpose in fighting over when you get it or not. You'll get it eventually, just gotta be patient.
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  3. If you care so much why didn't you check in with Xanth every now and then? It seems to me your just bitching....
  4. b/c he told me he was going tell me if open up. and I mad b/c I come and I see new efed and he said I would get 1st next one.
  5. They are two different people. One may not know about the other's plans, considering that they aren't something that will change the way the forum operates. They have lives as well you know. Necessarily speaking, if yours wasn't first, why should it matter that much? You contacted Xanth, Roadie contacted BHR. Again, two different people. Hence things will be different by default.
  6. Well you still didn't spell right but at least it wasn't in all caps.
  7. You didn't notice Fed-X made a month before mine? Why are you being mad? i see that your upset so i offered a authority role in mine? Once again your getting angry when you can get the same thing without hassle, seems to me you just want a fed named after you.....
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  8. u did?
  9. Yeah, I said to sign up with a Time Limit contract and I was going to add you to ICW Committee.
  10. ok I do it.
  11. Join in order, delete this if you are fine with being an authority.
  12. I can't make sections, so mine and Senhor's tag was pretty useless.
  13. Is that IE you are using? Bro you running a fed is a horrible idea, youre too busy with IRL shit to even contribute in IWT atm, remember?
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  14. You have Chrome but you are running IE...yeah, fuck you getting an e-fed.
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  15. He'll have enough time and tacos after Wrestlemania :hogan:
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  16. bro you are offering tacos?
  17. January 21st... shut up.

    Xanth probably only told you that because you'd harass him if he flat out said no. Stop being a whiny bitch.
  18. :stfu:
  19. Take your own advice.
  20. ur wrong so sftu! i prove what he said!