I was right about the Shield

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. I was right about the Shield I told you all they would be jobbing within months and look they lost clean to the Rhodes brothers last night lol. Seth/Roman tag champs and they lose clean to two brothers they cant recover from that and theres nowhere else for them go. Its time to strip them of the titles. Oh and Dean got his ass owned by a 68 year old Dusty lol
  2. You don't know the definition of "jobbing"... or telling a story.

    The Shield was still in the most anticipated match last night at Battleground.
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  3. Shit thread
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  4. John Cena lost to Daniel Bryan at Summerslam cleanly,does that make Cena a jobber as well?
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  5. This is like the millionth anti-Shield BLFFL thread.....

    In accordance to the Crayluminati, I'm obligated to pretend these threads aren't horsesperm on toast so here we go.....

    >Strip titles after Shield after Meltzer reports that Shield Rape Kelly Kelly, Not because it's rape but because Hunter wants men who are attracted to hot women.

    > Give titles to Lesnar and Ryback

    > Bring back Mikey Whipwreck and Benoit's corpes

    > Put Whipreck and Benoit over

    > Have AJ make Lesnar tap to Black Widow

    > BLFFL cries everytime
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  6. rt if u crie evertim
  7. If losing a match is your definition of "jobbing" man almost everyone in WWE are big jobbers.
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  8. You are a weirdo
  9. First off, it's scripted, and second of all, if The Shield won, the Rhodes would be gone from WWE forever. Of course the Rhodes family was going to win. Being involved in a main story, and loosing a match to progress that story isn't jobbing. Check your facts.
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  10. Crayuliminati is the most idiotic saying ever.
  11. Why the fuck is this still open? This can be written in a fucking status, a thread isn't needed.

  12. I don't think she knows how to make a status man.
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  13. Fixed :smug:
  14. you were wrong as always. closed. low quality.
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