I was wrong about Taryn Terrell

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. She is more than just a smoking hot blonde. I had been overly critical of her before Slammiversary and said I just wanted her to go away, but she is pretty damn good. She can go. The feud between her and Gail was honestly one of the best built feuds going into Slammy and the match itself might have been the most entertaining match of the night. The fact that these two ladies were able to get multiple 'holy shit' chants out of the crowd says more than I could about the match.

    I enjoyed every aspect of the match. Taryn plays a great crazy face. Gail is an amazing heel. They work incredibly well together. The match told a good story. They had some of the most badass spots I've ever seen in a KO's match. If you had told me beforehand that Gail was going to lose I would have been a bit offput, but after seeing the match I am happy that Taryn won and think a feud between her and Mickie can be streets ahead.

    btw. this was a better Last Man KO standing match than Cena/Ryback.
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  2. I want to see her in a match without Gail before judging tbh, I liked how willing she was to bump though especially that fricking cutter off the stage.
  3. Even if she never tops that match (which it would be hard to top) I still didn't give her enough credit. I thought she was dog shit, and at the very least she has proven herself to be an acceptable pro wrestler. Gail is certainly the female Flair but it takes two to tango.

    I am looking forward to Taryn/Mickie and I don't think I've ever been anticipating a female wrestling feud.
  4. Indeed it was an amazing match, and Taryn proved herself.
  5. Also loved the match and Taryn's work in it.
  6. Taryn did a tremendous job and kept up with an experienced wrestler like Gail Kim. I wasn't sure how she would do since she's relatively new but I was impressed with the work Taryn Terrell did in the ring. I'm interested to see how she'll do against various Knockout opponents since I felt like Gail and Taryn's wrestling styles complimented each other. However, after her performance in the Last Knockout Standing match, I'm sure it will greatly propel her career.
  7. One great thing that can hopefully come of this is TNA will stop pushing that hack Velvet sky. Not only is Taryn a lot better looking, she doesn't dress like a clown or put on makeup like one, but she is talented unlike velvet cakes.
  8. We saw some stuff I didn't expect to see from her in that match... she looked like a MUCH better athlete than Velvel ever did... and she did a damn suicide dive and bumped head-first on the ramp. If that doesn't tell you Taryn really wants to make it in this business nothing will, dear lord that was sick.

    For those who haven't seen it, posting it here for future reference/for us to watch later
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  9. Definitely the first time I've heard 'holy shit' and 'this is awesome' chants for women's wrestling. Not for being in their underwear or showing tits, but for wrestling. It was great.
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  10. There was a "this is awesome" chant on Raw one day last year... lemme find it...

    Oh, you mean a SERIOUS one? Ahh, well... Yeah, can't remember one either.
  11. lol wtf

  12. Glad you posted this! I had missed that match since I just tuned in in time to see the last two matches of the night. Definitely have to watch this after work.
  13. Please do!

    Side note: Told a couple of my casual fan friends to watch this match after they watched Extreme Rules (first PPV they've watched since the Attitude Era, oughta know how bad that was), and they were in awe of how much more hardcore a TNA women's match was compared to a whole WWE PPV. A couple of TNA marks have been born :please:

    Okay, we now return you to your regularly-scheduled conversation.
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  14. This thread is winning
  15. Definitely watch this and the Ultimate X matches, those were amazing.

    Also the "This Is Awesome" chants for Layla vs Eve started from the beginning, so they were most certainly sarcastic. :burns:
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  16. Oooohh, yes, I do need to see the Ultimate X portion, as well. Thanks for the reminder! Hate I had missed those.

    :haha: Sarcastic awesome chants when women are wrestling? Surely you jest. :otunga:
  17. Ultimate X, imo, was just good. Not all that great.
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  18. Yea I'm sort of over the Ultimate X concept. Also the finish was goofy, looked like Sabin took like 45 seconds to get the belt down after what was a pretty pedestrian bump by King. Would have much preferred a typical 1 on 1 match with King/Sabin.
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