I went to Smackdown 18/4/12

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by WWE, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. Khali vs jinder - Touched kahli's hand
    reks, hawkinds, macintyre vs uso's and percy watson - touched one of the uso and percy
    Alica fox vs natalya - touched alica
    Brodus, booker, hornswaggle vs mark henry,christian - touch booker t hornswaggle and brodus!!!!!!!
    big show vs cody - touched big show
    bryan vs sheamus - hugged sheamus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    orton vs kane - none:emoji_slight_frown:
    alberton del rio vs mason ryan -
  2. Got pictures?
  3. Yeah and videos I will upload after school
  4. Were you one of the dickheads who ran to the front after every match finished?

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  5. Did you go?

    @WWE: You like to touch people. :laugh:
  6. Christian's back?
  7. He is for house shows, I think he was working with Big Show wasn't he?
  8. So ppl will b asleep 4 Christian's matches. huh? That's a great way 2 get back in shape.lol I'm terrible
  9. Not terrible - you're right. Big Show is literally the cure for insomnia. He'll make Christian look so average.
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  10. Yes I was one of those dickheads as I had front row seats that's why I got loads of hight 5's
  11. It's pretty awesome that both Adam and WWE went :O
  12. Nice one boss look forward to seeing the pics and glad u had a good nite. :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. As long as you wasn't those annoying arsehole kids that ran to the front. I hope you put your elbows up and delivered the SmackDown on their candy ass.

    Yeah I went, XTian took a couple of bumps, nothing major but it was a surprise to see him.

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