I wish you guys didn't enjoy signatures so much.

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  1. When I used my dongle I had to have the "no signatures shown in posts" option enabled because my dongle couldn't load the images. It made threads so much easier to read and made the content of the post look far more important than who posted it (if that makes sense). Discussions seemed far easier to keep up with and the general layout of the thread seemed neat and tidy.

    Do you guys not think signatures are ugly? Having a big fat ass image below every post you make just puts me off. That's why I've always had either tiny images or just text. Limiting signature space is something I've wanted to do but I'd rather not piss off the entire community when I have an option to just unclick it so I don't see them. I just thought I'd post this so I could see how many of you love them and why.

    Believe it or not, signature's aren't a forum necessary to the point where every online community uses them on their forums. Many forums actually don't use them and when you suggest to use them you get shot down by the vast majority. I firmly believe if I never allowed signatures (or images in signatures), nobody would want them. That's some forum sociology right there; nurture vs nature and all that.

    Edit: I'm aware m current signature is either a large image of Tyrion Lanniser or a gif of Kagawa/Mata, but I haven't changed that in a long time, as I STILL have the no signatures shown in posts option clicked and I won't tick that again. No signatures > signatures, or text signatures only >.
  2. Had them disabled since MyBB.
  3. We're so alike. This is why I think about you when I'm alone Solidus.
  4. Bobby Roode > all

    (excluding Ambrose ofc)
  5. Both of you are lame.
  6. I do have like 90% of the signatures ignored though, I just wish we could ignore staff/admin sigs because your soccer sig sucks so much.
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  7. I understand what you mean, I have been guilty of having the ridiculous signature before, but I have kind of taken to making a gif of some moment in a recent show that I really liked and using it as a sig image for awhile. I enjoy doing that now. Looking for that one moment in a show that stands out to me above the rest. It's challenging sometimes. Doesn't bother me if you turn it of though sugah.
  8. This is fantastic.
  9. Your mum sucks, so yeah, take that. fgt

    I actually understand that. Many a time after a RAW or PPV have I taken what I marked for in that episode/show and made it my signature. I'd never remove signatures for users because I understand how many people want to do that, it's just something I can't stand looking at now lol. I think we have it set already where guests can't see signatures because it takes focus away from the thread content, so it's not exactly an issue since you can just turn them off when you sign up.

    I'm just curious how many people enjoy them.
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  10. Also I use the mobile theme usually so don't see them anyway. I can't say I notice an increase in enjoyment though.
  11. :downer:See if I ever take time out of my sleep to link you anything Ambrose related ever again.
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  12. Sorry. You're like my only fap source, so don't stop, please. However, you did just say Roode >, so I'm pretty sure they puts me firmly at the top of the Ambrose mark chart.
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  13. I like signatures dammit... but I am willing to limit myself to one image in order to appease the forum Gods.... atm I have my 3 faces of Foley theme going with my avvy, sig, and profile cover lol
  14. Fine, I ashley found some pretty fap worthy stuff I'll share soon.
    I'm pretty sure I said excluding Ambrose, so you aren't getting that number one mark spot anytime soon. You can't deny Roode's goat-ness though.
  15. D'Z is the only forum god. Xanth is Buddha.
  16. But D'Z doesn't have any God-like powers. I really don't know Xanth as he's been inactive the entire 3 months I've been here so far lol
  17. Xanth is a rather large Scottish lady who does graphic stuff for Crayo.

    D'Z doesn't have the user bar but is responsible for getting shit done.

    Quotes on this site suck dick.
  18. Bullshit. Dolph's, Xanth, and I, have that accolade. You lost it as soon as you excluded me in your post.
  19. I wish he did more so the community knew him better. He is a useless lazy bastard, but when he wants to be, he's one of the biggest assets. Like right now him and I are working on the new theme and he genuinely does have a real good eye for forum design and how to get it done. It's just it would take a usual person 20 minutes to do what Xanth does in 5 months, but he is my lover as well, so he can do as he pleases.
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