I wont be getting an Xbox One... F them.

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by catlady, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. He knows...

    Microsoft screwed themselves.
  2. Looks like a muscleless version of Zak Wylde, and his voice isn't 1/4 as manly, but I do love his sarcasm.
  3. okay
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  4. Wow, that guy went fucking ham lol.

    But seriously, I would echo a lot of his complaints and I can understand why he is reacting in this way, it sure does make you pay more attention to what he's saying.
  5. Britanica, you seem so angry at Xbox One lmao.
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  6. \_/
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  7. I am. I think it is bull. I have been with xbox for years and now they tell me when I buy a game on the new system, I don't even "own" it? Then if I want to share a game with anyone, they have to be on my friends list for 30 days & when they put the game on their xbox one, I cant have it back!? I refuse to pay them any money for screwing people over. I am pissed & unless they change their policies.. They can kiss my ass!
  8. Would be stunned if anyone bought this. It's the new gold standard of corporate greedy bullshit.
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  9. Or a step towards game innovation, depending on how you look at it.
  10. Let the butt hurt flow through you.

    Ill buy two just to make up for this
  11. It's just a gaming system. There are more to gaming then just Xbox. There are PC, Playstation, Nintendo, and others. I can understand being pissed for a few days, but now the anger everybody shows towards the Xbox is just going in a never ending circle. Honestly, why should anybody be seriously be mad because Microsoft fucked themselves up?
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  12. Christ your threads are boring lately. Can we keep all the Britannica-XboxOneHate to one thread? Thanks babycakes.
  13. Stop being a condescending asshole.
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  14. Can you keep all your posts on another forum? Ta babycakes.
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  15. Or you can not take vidya games so seriously :pity:
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  16. Seriously. I can see some people being disappointed but people are seriously ready to kill themselves over this "console war" shit, lol.
  17. I know, and all the rants are all the same. If I had half a penny everytime for a Microsoft rant, I would be richer then Bill Gates and Donald Trump. It's just stupid, if you don't like it, then don't get it. It's simple and effective.
  18. I am not mad over the games themselves, nor am I going to stop living life over this... The principle of the matter pisses me off. How are they going to say what a person can or can't do with a game they bought? And PS4 is no different. They are leaving it up to the publishers as well so who knows what is going to happen. I just think its bs. I am aloud to be mad about this. Yeah they screwed themselves but they screwed people like me who just want to play a game, buy used games & share games with my friends and still be able to get it back and play it. I was looking forward to the new xbox and its just a giant disappointment now.

  19. Look, if you don't like it, don't buy it. End of.

    PS4 is leaving it to the devs, most of which will not include DRMs and shit. Calm your panties.
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