I would have liked this segment

Discussion in 'RAW' started by WarMachine, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. Why did they nix this? I honestly think it would have been great
  2. It seems they only do heel/face turns on SmackDown these days, probably because they can edit the fans' reaction and the crowd is less smarky. Big E, Titus and now Batista all turned on SD!
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  3. Yeah, it's really weird that they are turning them on Smackdown. It's like they are trying to get people to think Smackdown is important.
  4. wait Big E turned? heel? or you mean a long time back when he first turned face?

    I noticed the fans were booing him when he took out Cesaro like a fucking dick.

    edit: wait, I don't really give a shit about BIg E.
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