Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by DK James, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. THE DUDE ON THE RIGHT IS MY NEW HERO. Even if you hate marijuana or what have you, Nancy Grace is a huge fucking ****.
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  2. Come at me NSA.
  3. Even though I woulnd't kill her for this reason...I would do it. She is the biggest **** I see on TV that isn't on FOX News.
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  4. *Asks question*
    *Dude kindly answers*
    *Nancy interrupts most of the way through the question*

    Shut the everliving hell up woman! :angry: The dude was making a damn good point. If you would use your brain for 5 seconds you would know that the killings would go down if you could deal with some nice, kindhearted doctors instead of shady individuals on your street corner to get pot... oh, right, she can't think without a functioning brain. Go look up at the sky in the rain and drown you fucking turkey
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  5. :dafuq: is wrong with her?

    Weed is less addictive to the body than caffeine WHICH IS LEGAL. And to say ALL smokers are violent shows her stupidity on the subject. I don't even smoke! People who drink alcohol are FAR more likely to kill someone than a weed smoker. Lets toss up some alcohol facts... Cause next to prescription pills (also legal) alcohol kills more than any other drug. SO HA! SCIENCE BITCH! lmao
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  6. Mason is the hero.
  7. lol only 45 seconds in and she is already in need of a grenade in her mouth

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  8. It really is fucking ridiculous that weed isn't already legal given that some drugs that ARE legal like tobacco and alcohol do far more damage than weed has or ever could do.

    Still makes me laugh that George Bush once gave a speech several years ago about how they've made yet another serious dent in the war on drugs just because the feds busted Tommy Chong for selling bongs.
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  9. ^ I been saying that for years. Alcohol and prescriptions are so flipping bad for people but they keep a silly plant illegal!?
  10. I'd mail a charity donation to the guy who put us out of her misery. Just hit her in the larynx or something, Nancy kerrigan the throat.
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  11. At least everyone in this thread so far agrees with me. The part that pisses me off most is my mom, and probably other moms other places take her word like gospel. I can honestly say I don't hate many people but I HATE Nancy Grace with a passion, I would also donate to a charity to send that bitch to a funeral home.
  12. she is the undereducated female equivalent of Bill O'reilly, except he is a Harvard graduate who made fun of himself in facing Jon Stewart during the elections in 2012. That shit was hilarious.
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  13. Yeah she's a fucking retarded ****, but that's kind of her job. Just another shitty TV personality.
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  14. I love the dude's reaction the entire time. He has to be high to deal with these two lol. Nancy is just an ignorant bitch, fucking forgot about her before. One of the good things about no watching TV: no Nancy Grace.
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  15. I hate this chick
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  16. nancy grace nip slip (open)
  17. :eww:
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