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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lockard 23, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. Last week on Raw, Lawler and Cole said that Punk stealing the urn containing Paul Bearer's ashes was disrespectful and this week, they described his actions as evil and 'diabolical.' I'd expect them to state as much, but what I would love if for Punk to turn it around on Cole and Lawler by walking down to the commentary table (or giving the promo from the ring), and asking how is what he's doing with the urn anymore diabolical than Kane and Paul Bearer trying to set Undertaker on fire or Undertaker and Paul Bearer intending to put people in caskets and bury them alive. Punk should even ask Undertaker if he remembers the time that Bearer betrayed him by slamming this very same urn onto his head or the other times he's plotted against Undertaker. (Taker's response could be that he still has respect for the man himself, despite their differences here and there in the past.) Punk could even say that his ending the streak at Wrestlemania with Bearer's presence (ashes) there at ringside to witness it (and then saying he'll destroy the urn and dump the ashes after it's over with) is the ultimate karma for both Taker and Paul Bearer, reminding Taker that neither of them are saints themselves.

    Yeah, WWE won't do it because they want us to see all good guys and bad guys as black and white with no shades of grey, but this would make a great promo otherwise.
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  2. Yeah it would, we were getting there with the Punk/Taker segment from last nights Raw though.
  3. I'm not sure to be honest. I don't want to see any reasoning behind Punk's despicable nature, and I don't want to expose Undertaker as a hypocrite. I want to believe that Punk is the most despicable heel in the company and there are no boundaries he will tread on. I like it how it is at the moment.
  4. Because that would require logic and explanation of stupid storylines.
  5. Punk wouldn't be any less despicable really, he'd just be saying that Taker has done some pretty questionable things in the past as well. You were one of the people (as was I) who said WWE should stop booking faces and heels to be either completely good or completely bad.
  6. It would be justifying it. I would instantly think -- as a casual anyway -- "He's right. Taker has done much worse than this so it's not even that bad really" or something along those lines. The draw in this feud would be Punk being so despicable that people pay to see his ass kicked by one of the greats of all time. Justifying the heel antics sort of ruins it imo.

    And yes I'm begging for WWE to stop the good guy/bad guy stuff, but I think it actually works in this feud.
  7. Well, you could say the same about Punk legitimately having The Rock pinned at Elimination Chamber cleanly as saying Punk was right about how he should be world champion and main eventing Wrestlemania, but they still went with it. No one made a huge deal out of it either. I'd love to see Punk say he's gonna 'drop a pipebomb' on Undertaker of all people with this.
  8. Still wanted Heyman as Bearer and Punk as Taker.
  9. Awesome post Klockard. I wish that he would say all that...it would make the feud that much more intriguing.
  10. I wonder if they day will ever come where I disagree with Lockard on one of his threads?

    So, yeah I'm definitely for this, as it adds a whole new dimension to the feud. One that, honestly I think is required in order to pull me into this feud. Its been okay so far, but there is nothing for me to stick my teeth into yet.
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