I would like to ACCEPT The PipeBombER of the YEAR on BE HALF OF MYSELF!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. [size=x-large]I would like to ACCEPT The PipeBombER of the YEAR AWARD on BE HALF OF MYSELF! Now he my SPEECH NOW IT DOWN AND SHUT UP YOU REGIN DEFEND WWE HEAVYWEGHT CHAMPION HAS SOMETHING TO SAID! Again as I said i would like to accept on BEHALF OF MYSELF! B/C I AM THE ONE THAT PUT THE :pipebomb: he on WWEFORUMS .net by JAM IT DOWN CRAYO THREW comment after comment post after post until he finally added it as a smile! THE ONE THIS I REALLY ABOUT IT THAT ASSHOLE BIG HOSS RAMLBER DID NOW ANY AWARD AS HE DID NOT DESAVRE! That what get Hoss for aboing ur crew power! :pipebomb: Even though asshole did screw out off being MEMBER OF YEAR WHICH U ALL KNOW I SHOULD BE! I will gladly ACCEPT this AWARD!And to all u who did not SHOW ME THE RESPECT I SO RIGHTFUL DESAVRE HE TO U :finger: AND TO WHO HAS BETRADE MY GROUP SP HE TO U :finger:! :pipebomb: :pity: #YOURWELCOME![/size]​

  2. If you change your name to Respect The Gohan i'll love you
  3. :no: and I only like LOVE WOMAN!
  4. That wasn't what you said to me last night :pity:
  5. That's singular. Who is the special lady?
  6. BLFFL?
  7. WOMANS!
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  8. OH HELL NO!
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  9. Just making sure you're not a total player. You love womans, me too. We have something in common :bitw:
  10. We could get a forum marriage!
  11. Anyways congrats on the award bud. Take it easy
  12. Die. Just die.
  13. I think Brad Maddox may have an objection. He'd be losing his only fan.
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  14. :no: :no: :no: NEVER! and beside that will not in the bill of right for forum marriage until 2100! :pipebomb:
  15. Oh duh, how could I forget. Got me again with the pipebomb. :boss1:
  16. I love how at this forum Brad Maddox gets talked about more than talented superstars lol. Thank you blffl
  17. It's really the only thing I spam :happy:
  18. lol no no that wasn't directed at you dude. Man i'm off this morning.
  19. I know it wasn't, but if it stopped I'd have nothing to spam. :smug:
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