Battleground IC Bout pulled from match card

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  1. So the curse of the IC title strikes again.
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  2. DB 2.0 :sad1:

    It's like, he's just started doing something good and bang, some shit happens.
  3. Is it weird that I was actually looking forward to this match and am disappointing to hear it's now not happening?

    Hopefully the injury isn't serious enough to warrant stripping Ryback of the title. I was hoping for him to have a long, dominant run as champion.
  4. The big guy won't be injured for long. He'll destroy the injury, then anyone before him :happy:
  5. I honestly was looking forward to this.
  6. Well at least I won't have to sit through his match in Battleground.
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  7. The match or the injury?
  8. The match. If it was Big Show, though....
  9. Update:
    Ryback was found to have a staph infection in his knee. He had fluid removed and is apparently staying in hospital for a few days.
  10. If it's only a few days, then hopefully he's cleared to compete before the PPV happens.
  11. SOURCE

    Wasn't excited for the match tbh.

    What match do you think will replace it? Rusev vs. Cesaro
  12. Sadly, I think the IC title match will be replaced by Barrett vs Truth which is currently on the pre-show.

    Welp, I'll gladly skip that one.
  13. I hope you're wrong about this. I know you're not the only person who's probably thought this.
  14. Well that makes three now: Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan and Ryback
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