Summerslam IC title match added to Summerslam

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Aug 13, 2012.

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  2. So Christian is fueding with Cesaro then I take it?
  3. This is actually great, a relevant midcard feud. Awesome. Miz can cut some awesome promos on this midget I'm sure.
  4. Sounds like a good match-up to me.
  5. We will probably get some kind of announcement tonight on RAW, at least Cole mentioning it.
  6. Cole is the only bigger Miz fan than me.
  7. They could've made the announcement on TV, but OK, it'll be decent I guess. Then there's at least a reason for Rey to have won that match on SD.
  8. Anyone else miss the days when wrestlers challenged wrestlers to feuds to help build it? Fuck twitter.
  9. Come on, Crayo! It's the 21st century, get with the program! Twitter followers are WAY more important than than television ratings!

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  10. Yeah, this seems random as hell, instead of Miz coming out and challenging Rey to show he's better, or Rey asking for a title shot since he beat the champ. Even if it was in a backstage segment with AJ, it would've already been an improvement.
  11. Should be a good match.

    I wish Miz was in the main event, though. He deserves it definitely.
  12. The reason it bugs me is Miz will most likely get a mic segment tonight, but instead of letting him shred into Rey and having him challenge him to a match for ego reasons, they'll write him yet another generic promo about how good he is and how he won Wrestlemania 27 or something. Ugh, oh well, good feud -- they'll have a good match too. Great for the midcard.

    Agreed Y2J, he'll be there eventually.
  13. Be a pretty good match to me. Won't see Miz and Rey feuding, but I will see Miz being put over Rey. Hopefully after Summerslam they can put Miz in a better feud with someone else for the championship, maybe R-Truth if they lose the tag team championships and their rematch then split up, could be a good feud since they both have history together and I could see Miz using R-Truth's craziness for some mic heat.
  14. Hopefully Miz can hold on to the title because I really like Alex Riley could do with a push for the IC championship. And with Miz & Riley having history I'm sure it would be a pretty good mid-card feud.
  15. Guess this will get some build on SD. The match could be good, but it's just filler and the belt is meaningless.
  16. How is the belt meaningless? We ask for the belt to have some prestige so they put it on a heel who has main evented recently and can speak brilliantly, and he's feuding with one of the most over faces in WWE history. Which do you want? Jobbers to feud over it? Or actual superstars to feud over it?
  17. I think the Intercontinental championship has prestige. Cody Rhodes, Christian, and Miz are the last three people to hold it. Cody Rhodes brought out the classic championship, and bragged about being champion defending it against lots of people and made the championship look like something, and now we have two former world champions who had their hands on the belt, I think prestige is still on that championship, and I believe Miz can hold the prestige, this will be his second defense already, he's a good Intercontinental champion in my opinion.
  18. Lets look at it right now. The Miz is a fading star and has been jobbing all over the place since the beginning of the year. He won the IC Belt which was a nice way to give him a little push by beating a big name in a high-profile match, but ever since he won it, his momentum has faded yet again. What did winning the belt do for him?

    Save for Cody getting plenty of mic time to talk about it, what's separated the IC/US champions from the rest of the mid-carders? What's the difference between Miz and Sandow right now?

    You know I don't like those belts much, I get that there's the underlying storyline of wrestlers climbing the ladder and using these belts as a launching point towards the ME scene, but how often does that actually happen?
  19. ^somewhat agree with rain. The problem is they stuck Rhodes in like he is still upset over a title he could reach above. Christian is missing his charisma and caters to the 9yearold crowd Cena talked about, and Miz doesnt fued with anyone who isnt in the wwe title thread or world title. IT NEEDS to go to people like Rhodes/Ryder/other mid carders who are just barely above the US title. Miz should be in the US title, as he is stale and gets heat because he is overrated, not because he is good, which he mostly is.
  20. Title matches are now announced via twitter -.-

    i weep for the future of the wwe
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