WrestleMania IC title match.

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  1. On Raw it was announced that Kevin Owens will defended the IC belt in a ladder match against.

    The Miz
    Dolph Ziggler
    Sin Cara
    Sami Zayn
    Zack Ryder

    So what do you think about this? I think it will be a good match but they should of went with Owens vs Zayn and stuck all the other guys in Ryback and Kalistos feud and made the ladder match for the US title instead. Also I feel like it's painfully obvious that Zack Ryder only got the oppurtunity because Neville is injured at the last minute.
  2. Guess it made sense to not stuff AJ and Y2J in it, leaves Owens and Sami as the only favorites. But yeah, should've just been a one v one. Stuff the other jobbers in the Battle Royal.
  3. Meh. Would've preferred KO vs Zayn and for the US title to be a multi-man ladder match. But, this way, I guess there are only two possible outcomes: KO retains or Zayn wins. The latter is more likely to happen, I think.
  4. Can't say I agree about the US title being the one that should be a multi man match.

    Ryback vs Kalisto is going to be good. They want to put Kalisto over as a big underdog, a giant slayer. You can't tell that story as well if there's 5 other men running around in the ring
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  5. I disagree. Kalisto beating 6 people in a ladder match is more impressive than just Rybacks big goofy ass. No one views Ryback as a real threat. Plus Kalisto is a high flyer and had that crazy ladder spot at TLC so it makes sense for him to be in a ladder match.
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  6. There are plenty of others, hopefully he takes this opportunity and looks dank as he USUALLY DOES.

    Also the Woo Woo Woo kid is going to beast it and we all know he is going to take great spots. Honestly Neville is okay but his gimmick is as vanilla as it gets.
  7. Vince literally gave the wrong champion the ladder match, it should be the US belt lmao
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  8. Which face going over do you think will be a bigger hit with casuals? Kalisto or Zayn?

    Serious question
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