ICW To Be Aired On National TV!

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Star Lord, Aug 2, 2013.

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    Huge step forward for British wrestling, This is the first time in many years if not first ever that British wrestling will be aired consistently on TV.

    For those who dont know what ICW is let me explain. Insane Championship Wrestling is a wrestling promotion based in Scotland, Most shows are taped in Glasgow at the Garage Night Club (Like most indy promotions). It has an extreme twist to it as many matches include weapons, blood and the throwing of balcony into the crowd. Dont be mistaken thinking the wrestling is bad like some blood and guts promotions. Most shows also open up with a 30 min comedy show based around wrestling. If you would like to see ICW in action FOR FREE, Head on over to their youtube channel where they post events in full!

    Note: The Daves Not Here Man event will feature Colt Cabana vs Grado (Scottish comedy wrestler).
  2. ECW clone? Pass.

    Good for British wrestling. But any promotion that depends on blood and weapons I get iffy about.
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  3. So, this will be aired in America?
  4. Its far from an ECW clone, I understand what you mean about blood and weapons but you should watch one or 2 episodes of ICW Online on youtube.

    No, BBC is a UK channel.

  5. Oh, must have missed the BBC part.
  6. I've watched ICW. And nothing really stands out from it. Its a decent enough show but they do rely on gimmicky matches and blood. Gimmick matches I have no problem with but blood isn't needed in modern wrestling.

    I might need to watch more of it but from what I watched it was just okay. Nothing bad about it but nothing great either.
  7. Good for British wrestling I suppose. I might check it out in the future, but it sounds dangerously close to the original ECW.
  8. BBC? That's huge. There was another Glaswegian one that was on TV a number of years ago but it was some shitty channel that nobody ever watched.
  9. I agree with Alkaline. It doesn't seem like something I would get invested into, but since this is such a huge project being filmed by BBC and all I'll definitely have a look.

    I don't like to judge stuff before I watch it, but from your description: Gimmick matches galore + chairshot city = :george::pity::pity2:
  10. bbc is on a few american deals. I had it when i was a directv owner.
  11. Colt Cabana live on British TV? Lucky bastards.
  12. So every promotion out there that uses weapons and blood as their, lets call it "primary tool" is an ECW clone or a copy? Fuck off with that kind of logic. Not to mention ECW was way more than just hardcore matches, as some of the morons like to think.
  13. ECW paved the way for the cruiserweight division with, Eddie, Malenko, Jericho, Mysterio etc.
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  14. whats the big deal about having blood in matches? its meant to be a physcial sport sometimes people bleed.... plus weapons are fun sometimes it gets boring if its all just focused on standard wrestling having promotions that do things abit differant mixes it up abit would you prefer everything be a carbon copy of PG wwe?
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    I personally don't watch wrestling to see people beat each other with chairs, glass sheets, tables or similar. It is stupid when done in large amounts in my mind. I enjoy wrestling for it showcasing a sport. In what real sport would a competitor get to keep competing on a professional level if he knocked his opponent over the head with a chair?

    Gimmick matches are okay from time to time to blow off big angles or feuds. Just doing a ladder match for the sake of having a ladder match with nothing to gain other than "beating that other guy" is ridiculous and devalues the match type.

    Blading and bleeding is an antiquated and not needed part of wrestling in todays business. When a wrestler blades he willingly risks himself and his opponent contracting hepatitis (see Nigel McGuinnes as a prime example, he had a stable career in TNA, but contracted Hep B because of bleeding and got fired by the company). Obviously blood cannot be completely avoided in wrestling but I'd rather see it come naturally than someone showing a razor in their head. Wrestlers who blade in every match also devalue the shock value of blood in a wrestling match. Blood used to be reserved for intense and personal rivalries between two wrestlers who "hated" each other. But during the early 00's it seemed like wrestlers bladed just for the fun of it.

    As I said earlier, I watch wrestling for the storylines and sport aspect. I am fine with gimmick matches here and there as part of rivalries and feuds, not just to fill out a card. And blading is just not needed. Wrestlers should connect with the fans and get them behind them by their characters, ability to speak and wrestle, not by their ability to bleed gallons as a way to get attention.

    Just my two cents.
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  16. Fine for you, but I only care about that red-haired hot girl :fap:
  17. It depends how they work it. CZW levels of violence is overboard. But if they have talented guys and go the cruiserweight and technical wrestler way of ECW with the odd crazy bump of a ladder and chair shot im down with that.
  18. I have BBC, but its BBC america, so would it still be on their?
  19. I'd rather see PCW get a TV deal than ICW. ICW shouldn't be anything more than an underground indy fed because it lacks talented performers and makes up for them with gimmick matches and over the top characters. I'm glad that the British wrestling scene is getting exposure, but I'm afraid that a BBC deal may leave them overexposed.
  20. You are very very wrong when you say it lacks talented performers, ICW yes doesnt showcase talent wisely, I barley watch ICW, The performers are great bar a few like every company, I would rather see PCW or BCW than ICW and im not even an ICW fan. But you are very wrong with the performers, These are talented people but ICW doesnt focus on wrestling it focuses on blood and guts.