I'd like to see Punk grow his hair back

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zach, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Maybe he drops the championship and is injured, and when he comes back he comes back as heel and has his long hair again.

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  2. People on this forum sure love talking about CM Punk's hair :hmm: Well I do like it longer, it looks much better then it does short to me. I also liked his hair when he was part of Ring of Honor, the long blonde hair thing was pretty cool. Also his Jesus look during the Straight Edge Society thing was pretty badass as well with the whole beard thing.
  3. You know what I actually like his hair long when he debuted on ECW it made him look cute
  5. His RoH hair > all
  6. I honestly hold little interest over his hair now he's starting to do something again, keep the hair bitching for when he becomes stale again.
  7. Initially, I wasn't sure about that, but now that I look at it further, that does look better.
  8. I dont like it long... short hair pls!!
  9. His new one is so much better, he'd never get past upper-midcard with the one in the OP IMO.
  10. Yep.
  11. I think he looks better with short hair.
  12. He won the ECW Championship and his three World Heavyweight Championships with hair like the OP.

  13. are u a girl?
  14. I would still regard that as an upper-midcarder to be honest, wouldn't be number 2 face of the company anyway.
  15. I prefer his Nexus hair.
  16. He looks like a hobo, so, Nexus hair.
  17. For once I actually burst out laughing at a Randy Savage post :dawg:
  18. i laugh at everyone of his posts :terry:
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