Idea: A wrestling company where every wrestler is a heel

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  1. Would this not be the IWC's biggest wet dream of all time? I thought this idea up when I was pretty stoned/drunk the other day and almost made the thread then, but being in that state of mind I second guessed myself and thought it was probably a bad idea.

    But alas, I am here to present the idea to you this morning and I am stone sober.

    So what if you had a wrestling promotion where NO performers showed face qualities? You only have guys who diss the crowd, cheat to win, hate on their opponents, and do similar things that only heels do? Obviously at some point you will have certain heels that become the favorites and in turn would become the ones that the fans cheered, but they would still be 100% heel in action. In essence they would be faces but sort of like WWE in the late 90s, the faces would still be heels in action and only faces in reaction. You just have a roster of guys all trying to out scumbag the other scumbags.

    Thoughts? Best org. ever, right?
  2. Also I wasn't sure if this should go in the LR or 'other' wrestling section, but figured it would get more views in here.
  3. Maybe without storylines..
    Sounds a bit like MMA imo. But it's not a bad idea.
  4. Without storylines? Fuck that. You could have tons of great heel vs heel storylines with them trying to out-heel each other. Write them like Rock/Austin storylines back in the day where one week a dude throws the other off a bridge, then the next week Stone COld tries to run over Rocky with a monster truck

    as for being like MMA??? Most Fighters are face. There aren't nearly enough quality heels in MMA IMO. You have Chael, Koscheck... I'm already struggling to name a 3rd.
  5. I see this a bit as taking what TNA has now but picking it up a couple of levels. With the faces being more grey than white and working out of some sort of personal gain. Your idea would strip them of most of their "positive" qualities to push the envelope. Could work but it has to be done right.
  6. :yes::tough::smug::lol1::win:

    It's a weird idea-one I never would have ever thought about or considered til now,good "BRAIN PICKING" question.
    I think and I could actually see it being like THE INMATES RUNNING THE ASYLUM OR THE INMATES RUNNING THE PRISON-lol.
    I think that might be a little scary of an idea-because what would happen if the heels attacking the other heels had beaten up every heel there was? I'd be afraid of them going after the audience during a show after almost every heel had had the crud kicked out of them.
    I could actually see people getting the crap kicked and beat out of them and people go flying all over the stadiums and arenas-like huge out of control riots,women beating up women,kids beating up other kids,heels beating up adult audience members-it would be all out chaos!lol
    I don't know if a heel company would be such a good idea-lol.
  7. You would get bored very soon and by natural human nature, you would end up cheering for of the competitors would be a face.
  8. Obviously you would wind up with one heel being cheered for.. I said that in the original post. Crowd reaction doesn't dictate if a guy is face or heel, his actions do. Tons of heels get positive reactions at least some of the time. Ergo, you are wrong, they still aren't a face just because the crowd cheers for them. They might be the defacto face, but they aren't a true face. This is what would make the company unique and awesome.

    It was never the intention of this idea to have the crowd constantly booing both guys. That would be retarded. The point is the crowd is going to be cheering for the guys who can play the best heel character.
  9. Seems like a good idea on paper. Don't know about the actual outcome.
  10. HQ stuff. Will be sure to bookmark so I can reread that invigorating post later.
  11. awesome. It will look like Jersey Shore style (Everybody are douchebags, one trying to be outdouche another) at first, but I realized, "Fuck, that will be awesome"!
  12. Should call the fed IWC.
  13. I'm pretty sure ECW came very close to this
  14. I doubt it'd seem that much different from any other wrestling promotion, at least after awhile. As pointed out, you'd still have people getting cheered and others getting booed, so in the end, it would still work on the same logic that normal wrestling works at (fans hate certain guys, so they pay money to see the guys they like kick their asses), the difference only being that if everyone had the persona of a heel and would do anything to hurt the other guy (cheat, attack his girlfriend, try to run him over with a car, etc.) then everyone would seem too similar. It would be interesting for awhile, but it would eventually lose it's 'luster.' The Attitude Era worked a lot on this kind of logic, where someone like Austin (as an example) was more of an anti-hero than a straight up goody two-shoes good guy, but he was still a clearly defined babyface because the fans cheered for him and booed the guys he feuded with.
  15. The attitude era still had clearly defined faces and heels though because a lot of the heels were just overbearing good guys (ala Dustin Runnels run as the bible thumping woe is me guy who lost his wife to 'good guy porn star' Val VEnis, Right to Censor just wanted to clean up the vulgarity in the industry, ect)

    As for your first part of everything being too similar... I disagree. There are TONS of different types of heel characters to portray, even though WWE has conditioned you to think there is only 1 (the chicken shit heel)
  16. That would be epic I think
  17. The top heels were certainly people who fans hated though because they were so good at being assholes or being flat out despicable. Vince, Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, etc. And there are different heel personalities, but having more traditional babyface personas still adds more variety to the whole thing.
  18. Vince, yes.

    Rock, not really. He was hated when he debuted as a cliche underdog babyface slapping hands and never giving up. The fans turned him heel and he turned into a hilarious quick talking badass and they loved him for it. He was getting turned face by the crowd after turning heel and only turned back heel when they did the double turn with Foley when Vince turned on him.

    Triple H was a dick, but mostly getting hated on because he was going up against crowd favorites like SCSA or Rock

    Undertaker had a super original gimmick when he turned heel and was basically a cult leader. Of course he would get heat when he's doing things like crucifying SCSA

    That's the point. You have varying levels of heels and different types of heels. Yes, faces add variety, but this idea would be original and could change things up a lot from the status quo.
  19. IWT at it's finest............. Dolph's... you are a psychic.
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