Idea For A Future Bryan Title Defense

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, May 6, 2014.

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  1. Just a small idea, but in the near future when the Kane rivalry is resolved and Bryan is in need of a new adversary, this is a way for The Authority (or should I say just Stephanie at this point) to try and stack the odds against Bryan in a future championship match. Book a match that states that Bryan's challenger cannot lose the match by count out or disqualification, but Bryan himself can, and if he does, he loses the championship along with it. Basically meaning that Bryan's opponent is allowed the luxury of using illegal objects if he so desires BUT if Bryan himself were to do the same, he would be disqualified, and would lose the title on top of it. So it's essentially a match from Bryan's POV where he can win only by pin fall or submission, but a No Holds Barred match for his opponent where he can win by pin fall, submission, count out or disqualification and still become the champion regardless.

    I know it sounds a bit gimmicky, but I think it could be cool. The stipulation works best though if it's in aid of someone whom The Authority have little faith in beating Bryan in a normal contest, and imo, I think Randy Orton fits the bill best (given how frequently he's lost to Bryan and all.) This Evolution reunion is a short-lived one, and Orton still has his rematch clause for the championship, and this would be a way of adding something new to the mix instead of just another straight-up Bryan/Orton match.
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    What if he's forced to defend both titles separately. One match against whoever for the WWE title, and another match with someone else for the WHC. Probably too 'superman' like, but still... Wouldn't mind it :happy:
  3. Before WrestleMania, I was sort of expecting a 2-on-1 handicap match at Extreme Rules with Bryan defending both the titles against Orton and Batista, who would split them if they won. Probably would've been better than this Kane feud and Bryan would still look an underdog.
  4. After imagining this idea happening at Payback, Kev, it would probably make me feel like a kid again where - despite knowing that there's no chance in hell that they're putting the belt on Kane - you'd still want to watch the show to figure out how Bryan would make it out of there with the belt. And isn't that the best we can hope for from this feud?
  5. It's a fine stipulation, indeed, since Orton still has one go at the belt (unless they're going to pretend it vanished, which is always a possibility), could be a fun match.
  6. Unless they're planning on splitting the championships again, wouldn't happen. Despite carrying both belts around on his shoulders, Bryan is still only considered the holder of one title in terms of lineage. They list the old WHC as a "Retired Championship" on, and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is merely an alternate name for the WWE Championship (just like how the 'Undisputed Championship' was an alternate name for the belt for a time in 2001/2002.)

    I've always said that the build-up and eventual match between two people is more important than the actual result. A lot of things in wrestling are predictable, but still enjoyable. We knew Bryan would defeat Hunter at Wrestlemania for example, but seeing them get their hands on one other in an actual match (and the match itself) was more important than just knowing Bryan would go over.
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  7. After reading this it does sound plausible, The Authority making Bryan defend both titles in one night.
  8. Um, read my post above. The two championships are technically one now.
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