Idea For A Heel Rock In 2003

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  1. I know The Rock can no longer be a heel in present day WWE but I think this would have made a pretty good idea back in 2003 when he was doing his Hollywood heel persona, where he acted like he was above WWE because of his status and stature as a Hollywood star.

    When he defeated Steve Austin at last at Wrestlemania 19, he said the night after that he had finally accomplished it all and that he was done with WWE for good. But then Goldberg debuted and speared The Rock, which set up their Backlash match with Goldberg going over. What if Goldberg didn't debut, and instead, Rock said he had one last thing to do as his final farewell to the fans and to WWE and that's win the WWE Title one last time and then walk off to Hollywood with it, leaving WWE without it's prestigious championship. He says he's gonna show it off to all his millionaire and billionaire friends in Hollywood and tell them "look what I've got" (just like Vince said Punk would do if he won the belt at MITB 2011, without the Hollywood part) and then he's gonna put it in a glass plate/mantel and add to his already huge collection of high priced items in his home.

    Looking back at Goldberg's disappointing WWE tenure, this would have made for a better exit IMO for the Hollywood heel Rock in 2003 than losing to Goldberg. The only issue would have been that Brock Lesnar was champ at the time, and while Lesnar is awesome, I would want some better mic work between The Rock and his opponent leading up to the PPV. Ignoring that though, there is the backdrop of Lesnar defeating The Rock for his first WWE Title just the previous summer at Summerslam 2002. So you could still incorporate that into the feud with Rock saying he's gonna lay the smacketh down for Lesnar and make up for that loss by proving Lesnar's victory was a fluke. Of course, Lesnar goes over in the end, and it would have been a cool start to his title reign post-Mania (though his feud with Cena was pretty good, too.)

    (And no, it would never work today, the fans would never boo The Rock now and it's better for him to leave on a good note anyway.)
  2. Wasn't he a "sort" of heel with Nation of Domination?
  3. Yes. He was a heel in the Nation in 1997-98, as Vince's Corporate champion in 1998-99, and then he had the arrogant Hollywood movie star persona (with the awesome new titantron with the helicopter flying and stuff) in 2003.

    My point is an alternate idea for him during the short run when he was working the Hollywood persona in early of '03.
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