Idea For A Royal Rumble Match

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, May 9, 2012.

  1. This is something I thought of a while ago but I just remembered it. Wouldn't it be cool if the last two guys in a Rumble match were the guys who drew #1 and the guy who drew #30? That way, you know that the winner will either be the guy with the luckiest or unluckiest number in the match. Or if they ever have two people win the Rumble again like in 1994 (seriously doubt it, but who knows), they could have these two be the co-winners.

    EDIT: I realize they kinda did this in 2006 since Mysterio was #2 but still, it would just have a better overall feeling if it was literally the first person in the ring (even more so if both guys won it together.) Just like how they make a big deal drawing the first number but never the second number.
  2. That's a good booking idea, I have to say. It would be cool to see it, if the guy who drew #1 was either a young face trying to make a name for himself or an established veteran using his last chance at glory/world titles. Like Bob Backlund in 1993.
  3. Nice idea, it'd definitely add more value so to speak, to the match itself.
  4. I'm not sure. Whoever is #30 would look so bad/weak if he lost. Winning would get him cheap heat I guess. In my opinion they need to have someone win the rumble without competing with anyone. For example, the last two eliminate each other, #30 comes out and walks to the ring and wins.
  5. I heard this before this year's royal rumble, people wanted Jericho to win like this. It's a great idea in my opinion, would make the countdown so important.
  6. I was one of those guys. Quite a few of us posted that theory here and it seemed to catch on.
  7. It would be 10 of the most exciting seconds in the year that it happened, that's for sure.
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