Extreme Rules Idea For A Tag Team Match At Extreme Rules (And Beyond)

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  1. This was partially an idea I read about on another forum, where someone felt that a tag match and scenario similar to this should happen at Wrestlemania. While I (and many others) disagreed that Taker should wrestle a tag match (or any multi man match) at a Wrestlemania, I did think it was a good scenario and added on my own ideas to it.

    Since Triple H/Lesnar is pretty much confirmed for Wrestlemania, and Taker/Punk is all but confirmed (just pretend it is for the purpose of this thread), I think an awesome idea for a tag team match at Extreme Rules the following month would be Triple H and Undertaker teaming up against Heyman's boys, Punk and Lesnar.

    Match would be awesome for a few reasons. For one, we'd finally get to see Heyman's guys work together on screen for the first time. Funny how it's all worked out so far that they're both involved with Heyman and yet haven't crossed paths (not yet, there's still six weeks till Mania, though they'll be involved in different programs.) Two, it would be awesome seeing Triple H and Taker team up, given their recent history. A third reason it would be awesome is because we get to see Taker work a non-Wrestlemania PPV. And a fourth reason is because of what will happen after the match, which I'll get into in a second.

    Though the feud between Punk and Taker would be kinda over (with Punk failing to beat the streak and all), the feud between Brock and HHH could continue after Mania, and Punk could join in on trying to cripple Triple H at all costs. Then one night, when Punk and Lesnar really are letting loose on a helpless Triple H, the lights go out, the gong hits, and Undertaker actually comes to Triple H's rescue. Easy set up for the match.

    Then the match itself and the aftermath. Taker and Triple H go over after one of them pins CM Punk. The reason for this is because I had the idea that Punk should take some time off after Mania because he could certainly use it, and with the rumors of a feud between him and Brock later in the year, it could be Lesnar who (angle wise) puts Punk on the shelf. If Punk takes the pin, Heyman could rant at him the next night about how with him losing to The Rock twice, John Cena, Undertaker and now this, he's not sure he really is the best in the world. Lesnar could then snap and attack Punk, slapping the Kimura on him and breaking his arm (all with Heyman's approval, of course.) This anger from Brock could be further justified if Punk really pissed off Lesnar the night before by accidentally hitting him with a steel chair or something. I even imagine Heyman continuing to scream at Punk even while he lays there screaming in pain from a broken arm.

    I know some hate Punk as a face, but if he feuds with Brock, he certainly fits that role much better than Brock would. And this is a good as reason as any to take time off to freshen up and come back with momentum as a baby face (same personality, only he isn't insulting the fans and being turned into Mr. Generic Smiling Dick Baby Face like before.)

    With this and the third and final (rubber) match between Rock and Cena, Extreme Rules would look to be a huge PPV.
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  2. I come into your threads and think this user can't possibly make any more good post idea's and everytime you prove me wrong. I'd love to see a Punk vs Brock Feud, I did like Punk with Heyman but I prefer him to be a loner and maybe he doesn't go full face but sits in between i'd be fine with that too.
  3. Really great idea, liked. Punk's heel character has lost a tonne of momentum now he has lost the belt, and I totally agree he needs a break. I actually didn't mind Punk TOO much when he was a face, so a turn would be fine for me. I reckon Punk would make sure he isn't a smiley as last time tbh, I think his attitude may be a bit more what it was like pre-shoot, where he basically doesn't care that much if he is fired and willing to take a risk.

    But anyway, that's a separate issue. The story is awesome, and the match would be unbelievably good with those four guys involved.
  4. I only watch Lesnar's matches/segments from all the WWE programming, so I'd welcome this.
  5. Simply brilliant. I'd love for this to happen.
  6. Awesome..... incredible...Brilliant.
    I'm definitely all for this.
  7. That would be great. Much better than what we're normally given at ER (except for Cena/Lesnar last year, but they managed to screw that up with the finish, thanks a lot) and would result in an interesting storyline, so good.
  8. It's so frustrating seeing all of KLockard's brilliant ideas, then look away and remember he's not part of WWE Creative.
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