WrestleMania Idea for Miz and Ziggler at mania and after

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  1. After the match on RAW last night with The Miz and Dolph Ziggler, what if this starts a Wrestlemania feud for them. It could continue on Smackdown this week. Miz could come out for a match and Ziggler could attack him before the match or could distract him during the match giving Miz's opponent the win. Then, later in the night when Del Rio faces Ziggler, Big E comes in and destroys ADR and Ricardo for Dolph to cash in but before he can Miz comes out and attacks him. After the next few weeks of feuding, Miz and Ziggler are the opening match at Wrestlemania which Miz wins with a roll up after an extremely competitive match. Later in the night Ziggler successfully cashes in. Since Miz beat Ziggler earlier in the night Miz feels he should get a shot at the WHC. After Ziggler is done with Del Rio, Miz and Ziggler have a feud over the title.

    Anyway, what do you people think?
  2. Ziggler is too good for Miz.
  3. +1
  4. This is true right now but in 2011 it wasn't like this imo.
  5. +2
  6. +3 (right now it's it but before Miz was better imo)
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