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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, May 6, 2014.

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  1. If you've seen RAW or looked at the results, then you probably know that Sheamus stole the U.S title from my man Ambrose in a battle royal. Since the U.S title is basically meaningless now and days it ought to be canned, literally. How about if Sheamus used it as part of a heel turn and canned the title, then replaced it with the European title(generic thought, I know)? I know the whole European elitist has been done before, but if we're going to be seeing Sheamus a lot more then I'd much rather see him as a heel with some depth than just another generic face.
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  2. Good idea, Shadow. He can say America sucks and has been irrelevant since the day American's held it.
  3. I definitely got a heel vibe from Sheamus last night. He wasn't displaying any heel mannerisms or antagonizing the crowd or anything, but he was certainly jeered for winning the strap, and the original plans earlier in the year called for Sheamus turning heel, let's not forget. With Ambrose no doubt wanting another shot and with he and his fellow Shield comrades feuding with Hunter (Sheamus' real-life buddy) at the moment, that creates the perfect scenario for Sheamus to go heel by becoming Triple H's aide and/or the "unofficial" fourth member of Evolution (or just the guy filling in for Batista when he ends up taking time off) and wrestling Ambrose in a rematch at Payback.

    I'm not down with bringing back the European Championship. I like the logic but it's such a dead and forgotten title to the majority of the fan base that I'd rather it just stayed that way. I do, however, like Sheamus turning smug and saying how sad it is that an Irishman like himself has to bring back some class and nobility to the United States championship that no American could (in this scenario, he wouldn't be associating with Hunter at all, just going heel on his own.)

    RVD was the man who unified his Intercontinental Title with the European Title and vanquished the latter into oblivion back in the day, so in the hypothetical scenario that Sheamus DID resurrect the European Championship, a feud with RVD would be excellent both for the ring work and for the historical significance. Sheamus could even put RVD on the shelf (as he did HHH four years ago) if the feud were to happen right when RVD is ready to leave again.
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  4. He got the same reaction as Batista at the Rumble because he fucking sucks.

    RAW is in London in 2 weeks. As part of Barrett's push, they could unify the titles there with Englishman vs. Irishman, though I doubt that would happen.
  5. Definitely teasing a Sheamus heel turn last night.

    I like the idea of a Sheamus/RVD feud. It would really be entertaining and it would bring some credibility to the US Title (assuming, of course, that they're going to keep it around).

  6. Yeah think I read on Sescoops and Bleacher his heel turn is imminent after the next few tour dates.
  7. No, they didn't? He won, ran up the ramp away from the rest of the Shield, beated his chest and gave a cheesy grin, just like usual.
  8. Pretty clear that they were teasing a turn for Sheamus.
  9. I don't think it was teasing a heel turn, I think it was WWE hedging it's bets in case the crowd turned on Sheamus in favor of Ambrose. Kind of like what happened in the Big E vs. BNB match. It's like they don't know what to expect anymore from the fans.
  11. It's kind of obvious they are just setting up for the unification of titles. Sheamus vs BNB at Payback to unify the titles.... does no-one else see this?
  12. It was WWE12 you noob.
  13. It was teased during his interview segment post-match.

    I don't. Of course, as with most pro wrestling angles (and really any fictional storylines), it's easy to see what you want to see or not see what you don't want to see. It's why so few people saw Hogan being the third man in the Outsiders/nWo in 1996, despite the fact that it was really the only logical thing to do considering there was nobody else coming from WWF. Nobody expected it because even the people who didn't like Hogan didn't want to see him turn heel. Of course, it turned out that it was one of the best moves in pro wrestling history, but, hey.....

    Either way, I don't really want them to unify the midcard titles unless they're going to bring back the European Championship, so I don't see this tease.

    Of course, by that same logic, the first part of this post could just be me seeing a heel turn for Sheamus because I want to see Sheamus turn heel. Maybe Brad. doesn't want that?

  14. Shush.
  15. I don't know, bringing back the European title is kinda redundant, but hey, if they're going to go down an anti-american role, they could do it, no problem. I also figured they were teasing a Sheamus turn in that post match interview, I'm intrigued as to how this will work going forward. I guess a match with RVD could work, so could a title unification, but if they're teasing a Sheamus turn, an unification wouldn't make sense at all.
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