Idea for WM 30 main event

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  1. Let's say that Daniel Bryan loses to Triple H. And we know that the main event is gonna be horrible. So here's a solution, let the match go for a good 20 or so minutes. Then Barrett could come up on the screen and say "I'm sure everyone has enjoyed this match so far. *short pause* WELL I'M AFRAID I'VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS!!!! WE'RE BACK!!" Yes!!! The Nexus is back. Everybody mark out. And they save the main event and the crowd. Going into RAW without a decisive winner. I love it. Book it
  2. ....No.

    Also, if the crowd is meant to mark out for it, how would it technically be "bad news"?
  3. :notsure:....but the Nexus includes Daniel Bryan, right? ...and Bray Wyatt and Ryback and CM Punk, soooo :urm:
  4. There not going go to all this if Bryan does not beat HHH and is not add to the main event that would a dumb move NO A RETARD move by wwe! I keep hearing people bitch about having bryan have 2 matchest on the same card is bad, but answering me this how!? It not like this have never done before WM10 Bret Hart Wrestler 2 matchest on the same night of WM10 20 years ago! And look how great Bret turn out! And he lose the 1st match he had an then end night as WWE Champion! In this case Bryan going to win not ones but 2 times and walk out with the WWE World Champion idk what u are all caplaining about!?
  5. I endorse this idea.
  6. would not book wwe with/10
  7. You know.....

    I've seen WWE do stupider stuff than this.

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