Idea With The Shield

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Sep 15, 2013.

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  1. I've contemplated making this thread because I feel like I'm basing my idea off of something I'm over analyzing. Alright,so here goes. Haven't The Shield lacked a direction these past few months? I mean they came in with an impact and had an awesome cause to back their actions,that is until creative basically gave up on them.(surprising right?) Now,I admit them being the new Corporation's body guards have been pretty nice but they're still not big players like they used to be. It's about time they split ways,but, how would it play out? That's where my over analyzing comes into place. I realized that Ambrose wasn't repping any Shield badges on his shirt and that he wasn't wearing his usual Shield dog tag on the last Smackdown. I figured it was purely a coincidence until I seen this via WWE dot com:

    What a selective choice of wording,right? Like I said I feel like I'm over analyzing it but it seems like a storyline in the works for me. How would a storyline like this exactly start? Well,I figured it would start at Night of Champions with Rollins and Reigns losing their titles to the tag team turmoil winners(which will most likely be The Usos). Later that night during Ambrose's title match Rollins and Reigns would try to distract Ziggler(Rollins would be doing the most work) whom is currently beating Ambrose,they mess up and almost cost Ambrose his match but somehow Ambrose retains. Ultimately it leads to Rollins turning face and leaving The Shield to feud with Ambrose for the United States title. Now,what happens with Reigns? Well,I figure Reigns would stay with the Corporation and be their one man body guard. All of this has just been an idea of mine,not a prediction or anything but I think it would pretty cool to see executed. What do y'all think?
  2. Would be one way to start their eventual break up, and yeah, the wording there seems to hint that. But with them being the enforcers for HHH these days I think they'll stick together for a while longer.
  3. I like it, but I'd say The Shield have recently got some direction for the first time in months. They could stay as the corporation's bodyguards until survivor series and then I want to see the start of Wyatt v Shield feud, which ends at WM30.

    Putting the titles on them to fight as a single and tag-team was an awful idea. They've barely defended their belts. I wouldn't have minded just the tag-titles with the freebird rule.
  4. I also felt they really lost their focus and purpose (and interest) as a group after winning the championships but now that they're enforcers for Triple H that are willing to carry out any command he gives them, it feels like they have meaning again. Their whole motto is being about dishing out Justice using brute force, so working as hired muscle for Triple H makes perfect sense as they can now justify what they do as being in the name of Triple H's very own sense of justice. Hopefully they stay together for a bit longer while HHH is in control and running things.
  5. Think it's just a coincidence. I don't see them splitting yet while they have their bodyguard roles in the main story. If it were me I'd book them to still remain independent, or at least look it. Have HHH ask them to take out someone, and have Ambrose reply saying "No. Not until we get this months payment" - something to make it seem as if they're only helping because they're getting something from it, instead of looking like a bunch of yes-men jobbers.
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