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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Jul 30, 2016.

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    I think that Smackdown needs to make a Womens title and Tag Team Title for their brand. Theres not much of a point to having either division if there is no title for them to fight for. I think they should have tournaments to crown new Champions. What are your guys thoughts?

    I would like to see the tournaments look something like this...

    Tag Titles

    Round 1
    AA vs BreeZango (AA wins)
    Baron Corbin/Rhyno vs Hype Bros (Corbin/Rhyno win)
    (Baron Corbin and Rhyno had a tag team in NXT for the Dusty tournament, they lost and feuded but can set their differences aside for the tournament since they made it to the finals previously)

    Usos vs Vaudevillians (Usos win)
    Wyatts vs The Ascension (Wyatts win)
    (Bray should be a singles competitor now that the brand split has happened but this can give him something to do w/ Rowen momentarily for SummerSlam)

    Round 2
    AA vs Corbin/Rhyno (AA wins)
    Wyatts vs Usos (Wyatts win)

    Round 3 (SummerSlam)
    AA vs Wyatts (AA wins)

    Women titles

    2 Triple threat matches and then a singles match decides the Champion...

    Carmella vs Natty vs Naomi (Naomi wins)

    Eva Marie vs Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch (Becky Wins)

    Becky vs Naomi (Becky wins)
  2. Wait, aren't the women's and tag titles supposed to be interpromotional?
  3. I don't think so since they were drafted to Raw. If that was the case wouldn't Amorose be interpromotional since he holds the most important title?
  4. But it's already been announced RAW's getting its own major title. The WWE title remains exclusive to SmackDown, while the brand new Universal title will be exclusive to RAW.

    All I'm wondering is if the women's title and tag titles will be interpromotional. Granted, the women's champ is a RAW-exclusive superstar, along with The New Day (and future tag champs in Gallows and Anderson), but still.

    I think in order to have separate women's and tag titles on SmackDown should require a little more depth in said divisions. Curious to see how WWE plays this out, though.
  5. Both shows have about an equal amount of Women and Tag Teams so the depth is there
  6. Agreed, we should wait a bit on the belts however and let storylines build, I understand the frustration behind lack of info but we'll get it soon.
  7. That lack of info is indeed very frustrating and the very reason I too, amongst others, have been complaining ever since draft day because, if you ask me, these are things that should have been determined, specifed and announced already. If not prior to the draft, at least a day or two after or, the latest, first episodes of RAW and Smackdown repsectively the following week. I mean, they did it with the annoincement of the new universal title, right? Wy not go ahead and make some kind of announcement regarding the women's title and the tag titles as well and clarify things? This half ass nonsense has got to come to an end pretty soon because by not saying anything, it personally tells me that most likely WWE themselves have no idea what to do. How about trades too? I know, it's off topic, but aren't trades, like, part of the game when it comes to drafts and such?

    As far as creating new belts for Smackdown, can't say I'm a fan of the idea. If they were to do so, I feel it would be way too many belts that will result in less value and meaning for both and on both shows, not to mention the lack of depth of the roster in these two respective divisions. At the moment, 5 ladies (ok, 6, if we are counting Eva Marie) are not enough to call this a division and the same pretty much goes with the tag teams. Even if, say, Melina or Niki Bella make their returns as rumored and/or confirmed (by the way, note that Trish Stratus is also open to the idea of a return and small run, preferably as a heel) and are added to Smackdown, I'd still consider it too weak. Oh, and God forbid we get the Divas title back just when we finally got rid of that thing...

    Let's put it this way. Even though they now created the Universal title, is their any doubt that the WWE title will still remain, as always, the top and most prestigous belt, the top prize in the company? They may try to play it otherwise but, let's face it, the WWE Title has and will always be numero uno in the business. Regardless, I have no problem with it because obviously they needed a big one for RAW and that's understandable. But that's ONE and easy to comprehend. Creating TWO more, however, for Smackdown? That's too much and more so when it comes to the tag titles because as far as the women go, I do have an idea to share, which I personally see as the only way acceptable if we indeed need to introduce a new belt.

    Being that this the new era, how about something new and fresh?

    If we desperately want a second belt for the women on Smackdown to compete for, how about creating something like the second best thing? Prior to the brand split, and in regards to the men, the second most important belt right after the WWE Title was the Intercontinental Title, correct? Well, how about something equivilant for the women? You want to call it a Women's Intercontinental Title? Go ahead. This, yes, is something that I feel most people would buy and that could perhaps work. Simply creating a second Women's title to me will just devalue both because, deep down, the red one RAW will be and feel the most relevant whereas the one on Smackdown will always feel secondary. If, however, we make it secondary in a more official manner, I think it might just work better and I don't think this necessarily means a demotion for the likes of a Becky Lynch or a Natalya because, let's not forget, trades could always still happen so they can eventually get a shot at the big one on RAW....
  8. I just don't see a point t in having a tag division and a women's disivision on Smackdown if they don't have titles to defend. Raw has 4 titles (Universal, US, Womens, and Tag) and about to have 5 (Crusierweight) and SmackDown only has 2. They need more titles. I think both Bella twins are going to return and be on Smackdown since Cena and DB are both there so that will even it out. Smackdown has just as many tag teams as Raw. So they absolutely need more titles in my opinion
  9. Nikki's getting in ring shape and she'll be back wrestling in the near future. However, Brie's done wrestling, I think.
  10. I wouldnt be surprised if Brie returned. I feel like the only reason she retired was becuz Daniel Bryan did but if they are on the road together if she will probably come back
  11. There shouldn't be 1 women's title in WWE, let alone another one on Smackdown... The women's division sucks on both brands.. Smackdown can definitely use tag titles, especially with American Alpha debuting this week... Tag Teams need to fight for something because fans actually care about tag team wrestling. Most fans usually skip the women segments anyway... I know i do. I won't watch another women' match until they step up.. I missed both women's matches last week and i don't plan on watching their boring matches any time soon
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