Identify black haired female rosebud?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by djdynamite13, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. Who is the girl with the black hair, she's infrequently been a rosebud. Seen her atleast 6 times during Raw/Smackdowns or Main Events. Mighty fine! lol


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  2. Her name is Mandy Leon.
  3. Pretty much all of the Rosebuds, I mean Rosegals, are hot.
  4. I'm pretty interested in who that sexy brunette is in the blue shorts standing right beside the one you're talking about.
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  5. Mandy Leon that's the one. Wowey lol!
  6. She's trained by ROH and could kick my ass which would make it that much hotter.
  7. Ohh aye, every-time iv'e seen her as a rosebud, she doesn't half look the business. I'd trade my wife in for her anyday, (providing she's only mine till I die lol).
  8. Not so sure on if I agree with the whole selling women thing.

    Also. That isn't Mandy León.
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