Identity of CM Skunk

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 27, 2013.

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  1. The man who played CM Skunk on Friday’s SmackDown was Cincinnati indy wrestler Danny Todd.

    Source: Pwmania
  2. He's got nothing on that guy EC3 beat.
  3. EC3 jobs to Vacant
  4. I thought the segment was pretty funny.
  5. For a moment he got to live his dream,shame he had to dress up as a skunk.
  6. I was gonna make a thread on this as I wondered if he could of been a new signing from NXT. I give him credit he sold that beat down like a pro Ryback seemed to rough with him and considering reports have come out now saying Ryback has been injuring some wrestlers lately with his sloppy work it wouldnt surprise me if this Danny guy got hurt from that beat down
  7. It was entertaining. I think I like this Danny guy, although he did nothing but jobbing. :obama:
  8. I thought the segment was entertaining. It was cool to see someone new out there in the ring.
  9. Yes. But, he probably is in critical condition due to Ryback's unsafe in-ring work.
  10. It's certainly on Ryback making mistakes and creating unsafe situations for his opponents, but wrestling is a sport. I think every wrestler knows that there's a risk of injury every time they enter the ring. They put their bodies on the line for every single event, and sometimes practice and training can't prepare them for what will happen in the ring the day of the match.
  11. Not opposing that, I just don't like Ryback.
  12. I'm not fond of him either so you're not alone.
  13. You like football and agree with my negativity of Ryback? :happy:
  14. Neither am I although I quite enjoyed Bully Ryback. Helped WWE's Be A Star campaign well. :smug:
  15. Never heard of him, Was an okay segment, Would have been better without Ryback but every thing is.
  16. His bully gimmick has been his best to date and he hasn't been completely cringe worthy on the mic during that time. However, his ring work is still lackluster for me despite his gimmick. He just looks so slow at times and doesn't sell very well.
  17. He's an IRL asshole, too.
  18. Yeh, but he wasn't wrestling when he had the gimmick. :emoji_grin:
  19. Doesn't he still technically have that gimmick? He still says on occasion, "There's nothing I hate more than a bully" when he's referring to Punk. I could be wrong though.
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