Kayfabe Identity Revealed.

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    *Will and Rhys Haze are in the ring. Will is in his ref outfit and Rhys is in his wrestling gear, the match involving both of them is right up next.*

    *Entrance theme starts around 0:30.*

    *Unknown theme music starts to play around the arena, Will mutters a quiet "What the fuck?" and Rhys is confused as hell. The crowd are also confused, a few seconds pass and a figure finally emerges from the back. He looks extremely familiar to the man who attacked Will and Rhys just minutes earlier. He has red, black and white face paint and body art, he is wearing a t-shirt that simply reads "WELCOME TO HELL!" in big bold capital letters, he slowly walks to the ring and climbs in, he grabs a microphone and begins to speak.*

    ???: You.... *Points at Will.* your presence drew me here. That attack a few minutes ago was a warning, I wanted you to be prepared, because your about to go to hell son. *Crowd boo and chant "Who are you?"* Who am I? I'm what you would call... the reincarnation of the devil. You think I'm fucking crazy!? I'm not... Will over here has something about him... I don't know what it is... but all I want to do is end your career.

    Will: You what?! End my career? You jumped me before... didn't even leave a scratch... you look like Satan if he was flushed down the fucking toilet.

    *The man is outraged he grabs Will's briefcase out of his and nails him with it, Rhys is shocked. He goes to kick the assailant but also ends up getting hit by the briefcase. The man drops the briefcase and waits for Rhys to get up, Rhys is on one knee but the man super kicks him and Rhys is out. Will starts to get up, but is lifted up on the shoulders of the Unknown man and hit with an overhead kick. The man climbs out of the ring and goes underneath it and pulls out cinderblocks. He throws them in the ring and puts them below Will's face before going up to the top rope. The whole arena is in complete shock, he jumps and both feet crush Will's skull against the cinderblocks, everyone screams in horror. The man laughs and picks up the microphone.*

    ???: The name is Victor. Don't forget it.

    *Victor walks backstage and Rhys has gotten up, he quickly removes the cinderblocks from beneath Will and shakes him to try and get him up. It's no use, Doctors and medics rush down to the ring and end up carrying Neilson on a stretcher outside of the arena and into an ambulance.*

    End of Segment.



    I am changing characters until Fully Loaded, you'll see why. This storyline is about to get personal.
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