If 2.35 million is the answer..

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. What is the question?

    I'll kick off..

    How many times on average does Triple H say 'Business' in a promo?
  2. If I had 3.35 million eggs and I made Xanth an omelette, how many would I have left?
  3. How many times have we seen Super Cena "overcome the odds"?
  4. In minutes, how much promo time has HHH received during his career?
  5. 2.35 million, what did i just say?
  6. How many holes have Triple H dug with his shovel?
  7. How many consecutive jokes has Lenny Henry told without a laugh?
  8. How many millions are Darren Young and Titus O'neil talking about?
  9. How many people are following CM PUNK on twitter
  10. How many errors do all Randy Savages posts have combined?
  11. How many inches is Davin Otunga's dick.
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  12. How much whiskey has Slash drunk
  13. How many hamburgers has my good friend Xanth eaten thus far? :thumb:
  14. How many times did DB say yes during No Way Out
  15. How many times I'd like to F()?! Beth Phoenix

  16. How much women have experinced pleasure from Metallica drummer Lars
  17. How many people have kissed vinces ass for a job.
  18. How many tears came out of Big Show when he was fired?
  19. how many times big show has nearly killed his wife while having sex
  20. How many cheeseburger wrappers have been in the big show family garbage. Im a superstar, ninja!
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