If a female wrestler had the same or similar level of trash talking charisma to ...

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  1. the all-time great male wrestlers like Stone Cold or The Rock, would you think that can help womens wrestling's popularity boost, earn a little more respect and be taken more seriously?
  2. Depends if they had the in-ring ability and could carry themselves like the male greats did.
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  3. Of course it would, that's one of the problems with WWE divas or female wrestlers in general, not many of them can cut a very believable, intense promo..Can't remember the last time a WWE diva cut an amazing promo where she wow'ed the fans, it just doesn't happen.
  4. Yeah, sure. And I think they will give some good promos if wwe is serious about stimulating them.
  5. If a woman (excuse me... a Diva) actually had charisma and/or verbal skills on the level of an Austin or Rock, then one of two things would happen:

    1. She'd look so superior to the rest of the Divas that she would literally feel too good for the division and if we're talking about a Chyna or Ronda Rousey type of individual here, then the best thing she could do is step into the ring and wrestle men (as much as some will fervently disagree with that opinion.) The problem there is, man-on-woman violence isn't exactly prohibited under any circumstances in this current PG/ultra-PC climate, so in that case, she's in the wrong era, unfortunately.

    2. She actually gets the attention of everyone - the fans, backstage officials, etc. - and shows people that women are actually capable of being just as entertaining or as meaningful to the product as the men are. Vince and the writers start earnestly booking the division accordingly.
  6. women wont draw, and never will, they are a nice bit of fluff for the lads

    end of discussion
  7. women wont draw, and never will, they are a nice bit of fluff for the lads

    end of discussion
  8. At the end of the day, you're just a silly misogynist, lad.
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  9. Take Rhonda rousey. Look at how huge she is and how much money she's made ufc. Of course divas can do the same in wwe. But they have to have a stand out: one that can talk, raise hell, and wrestle.
  10. I wouldn't say never, but as of right now, that's how the divas are treated in general.
  11. I am not a mistongist

    I suppport the common housewife
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  12. That's really not sexist at all. Kudos to a fellow proggressive
  13. The women don't have to act like macho men. They should act like women. I think a CM Punk sort of talker would be great for the Divas division. Someone who says what she wants to say and can crack a good joke. Giving them character is key to gaining long term interest. People want to invest time in characters they love to see if they reach the top.
  14. I don't think she acts like a man. I think she acts like somebody who has a lot of power.
  15. How many women are in a position of power
  16. Plenty.

    Source: Uncle got fired by a bitch in HR because he called a co-worker a towelhead.

    Edit: Maybe my uncle is the bitch.
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    Except she's an MMA fighter and her mic skills weren't very good. No doubt that she's great at what she does at her own sport but I don't see why a lot of you here are using her as an example when she's not a pro wrestler.
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    Sensational Sherri could have easily done a promo like Austin... not really the Rock, since a lot of his promo work is comedy and I just can't see Sherri doing that. She was the best ever and since not a single woman talker has been on her level. She was probably the closest to that sort of character that there ever was or likely ever will be. It's just too bad that for the majority of her actual wrestling career, WWF wasn't big on women's wrestling at all so she is known more as a manager than a wrestler. But she was a great wrestler and without a doubt the best woman talker in history.

    Put into perspective, Sensational Sherri was the manager or mouth piece for Randy Savage, Ted DIbiase, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. To be the manager (which as we known was really just a talker for wrestlers who weren't great at talking) for some of the best talkers in history is something impressive.
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  19. This made me realize there were not a lot of funny divas at all. There's a real lack of smartasses on the division.
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