If Ambrose and Reigns recruit a third person, who should it be?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Aug 29, 2015.

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  1. For a while now a six man tag match between The Wyatt Family and Ambrose & Reigns has been rumored. Supposedly Rowan was supposed to re-join The Wyatt Family, and Sting was supposed to come to the aid of Ambrose & Reigns. However, with Stroman joining The Wyatts, and Sting getting a shot for the WWE title at Night of Champions, we know that isn't the case anymore.

    So if someone has to join Ambrose & Reigns, who should it be? Should Rowan come back to help them out, or should they look they call someone up for this battle?

    Since they've made this rivalry about family, I'd personally have them call up someone who... has a little bit of history with at least one of them. Someone who isn't really doing anything in NXT, and that someone is:

  2. I'd mark my fucking dick off for Crowe, but most likely it's Rowan or Rocky.
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  3. Crowe would be a nice surprise. I doubt about Rowan, as he's (still) injured, to my knowledge, at least.

    Rocky? Why not, I approve of that.

    And no Usos, please.
  4. Yeah, Crowe is probably the most hopeful option. I wouldn't mind if they called up someone like Corbin, but that goes against his whole Lone Wolf thing. Realistically they'll go with Rowan, he's got to be good to go by now. But hey, that's not what this thread is about.
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  5. Corbin debuting in Swat gear would be pure badassery.

    Can I throw a curveball and throw out Adam Cole? Just signing him in the dark and having him make a surprise appearance? Thinking of a dude who looks like Rollins who can work...
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  6. Cole signed a new deal with ROH back in December, IIRC. It'd be a true mark out moment if it happened, though.
  7. 100x yes for Corbin in a vest.

    If we're going with surprises, what about Styles? He's one of the only guys who could rightly pass by NXT, and there really isn't a promotion tying him down. Yeah there's NJPW, but it's not exclusive and they could've worked something out.
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  8. The Swat gear thing definitely rules out Joe, could you even imagine? :haha:

    YES YES YES on Styles! He'd suit the Rollins role perfectly. The handcuffs are a bother but Styles's moveset is pretty WWE-ready anyway, and talk about having guys to have dream matches with...
  9. Joe would have to hope that they wouldn't decide to go into uniform, haha.

    Think about it though, Sting was supposedly the original option, so they had to figure out a replacement. Rowan would be such a let down, at the very least they should look towards NXT for a call up. But if they were to keep things under wraps and give us someone like Styles... :kofi:
  10. Styles would be awesome.

    Crowe would be excellent, as would the other pipe-dream on this one (Cole).

    Rowan would just make the crowd go completely....mild.

  11. Well, a certain superstar has just popped to my mind...

    I know some of you folks dislike him, but what about Daniel Bryan?
    I'm not saying it's going to happen, but he has history with both The Wyatts and Ambrose/Reigns.

    Unless they give us a little hint on RAW, I've no idea who Roman and Dean's partner is gonna be.
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  12. Balor would be a dope call up but then again he said he prefers being on NXT than WWE... Solomon would be another good one, or Baron Corbin... there are a ton of call ups for this
  13. This is a rumor so take it for that. Apparently a teaser image was floating around on WWE.com before being deleted depicting Corbin as the sixth man. lol strap a rockey to his ass.

    As for Styles, fun idea but he makes more money for less work in new japan in his own words. WWE are not willing to meet his fee/value.
  14. From Inquisitr

    Corbin, eh? If it's going to be the same old thing we've been seeing from him in NXT, then I don't really care.
  15. Corbin makes sense, as much as I'd want Crowe him being put in the storyline doesn't have much logic. From a fanily standpoint sure, but to help take down a guy like Braun they look to a guy who isn't even half the size of him? I like Corbin so I'm fine with this.
  16. The Lone Wolf - makes his debut in a tag match.

    I'd think it would be someone from NXT, but who knows. I would like for someone like Neville to join up, and shed the shitty gimmick. Sure all 5 of them are 3x his size, but that never hurt anyone else.
  17. Neville has a shitty gimmick? It's the same gimmick he's always had. Only with purple gear. You're going to have to elaborate on that. A cape is not a gimmick.
  18. His push as a superhero against Stardust.
  19. Oh we know, haha. It would be fun.

    I honestly have no idea who it will be, and that's what's fun about it :emoji_slight_smile: Given how impressive Strowman has been so far they've really opened the door for someone to make a huge impact!
  20. Inb4 Hornswoggle
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