If anyone else were champ...

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 18, 2013.

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  1. Do you think they would just disappear from television when they were injured? I mean, I understand Dolph shouldn't be in the ring until his concussion problems subside, but does that mean he should just vanish? Why not let him grow as a performer by exploring his versatility with in ring promos, backstage segments, pre-taped segments, ect? He could have come to the ring to start Smackdown and cut a semi-worked shoot on Swagger for being a careless moron, for example. Bottom line is I can't picture someone like say a Sheamus or Del Rio just disappearing from WWE TV for a concussion. This just speaks further for WWE's lack of faith, trust and respect in Ziggler.

    The people are clamoring to see what Ziggler can give us but WWE is just like 'lol fuck you. no."

    It is crazy how much momentum he has LOST as champion, and he had NO momemntum before that. He might have negative momentum at this point. He's had one mic segment, maybe 2 clean wins (to go along with his clean losses) and any backstage segment he gets is centered around AJ typically. I am the biggest Ziggler fan I know and even I can't feint excitement for him at this point.
  2. I don't know what WWE's problem with Ziggler is. They no he's the World Heavyweight champion, fuck they booked him, they know exactly what they're doing and Vince knows what he's doing. Not to say they are doing it smart, but they know he is a world champion, so I have no idea why they would treat a world champion like this. The world champion is suppose to be the best of the best, the center of attention, at least in Smackdown the WHC should be. I don't see any logical reason why they are doing this unless Ziggler isn't pushing creative himself to do his own things and whatnot. I don't know what else to say at this point, I even wonder if this was better then his first reign.
  3. Kinda stopped trying to understand why WWE does this to Ziggler, unless it's the classic "Vince only wants his hand-picked tall strong guys to get over and screw anyone who gets over for being entertaining despite not being booked to the moon". I remember ADR staying on TV for a while when he was injured.
  4. I stopped caring for Ziggler altogether. There is no hope.
  5. I'm almost to that point
  6. Best we can hope for is that the fans continue this "what the fuck, why is this guy not in the world title picture" craze for so long that when he finally does win the world title the fans will pop huge. Call it Christian syndrome, hopefully without Vince and Michael "Purely Shitty" Hayes booking it.

    No, his first reign doesn't count. At this rate nobody's going to count this one either. Popped so hard for him cashing in but have seriously forgot Dolph had the belt.
  7. I don't know why they gave him the MITB as they are not high on him at all,same for Bryan and then the best 18 seconds of his career happened and he is a big deal now.
    His reign has been pretty bad but that is the bookers fault.If the person is not named Cena then not much care and attention goes it to it
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