If Barrett returns tonight

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Do you think he will return as a heel, or will they actually give him a shot as a babyface? Considering how the English crowd is bound to react to him. Ala how Magnus returned as a face during TNA's latest UK tour and the pop he received in England carried over to the states. Can a similar effect be achieved with Barrett or is he a forever heel?
  2. I have a feeling he'll return as a heel tonight and be added into The Authority since he had a mini-feud with Bryan before he left.
  3. Do not have Barrett as a face. Jesus. The guy is the most natural of heels you can be. He'll get a huge UK pop no doubt but he's a heel.
  4. Hope they don't return him this week. Having him return in his "hometown" to get big face pops as a heel would be pretty bad... by the same logic that having Beth Phoenix win in her hometown was dumb back in 2011, but guess that's apples and oranges. Do the same return as last time with a different character and don't fuck him up this time, he can be a star in five minutes if you'd just let the guy talk.

    Maybe he has some natural face qualities, we don't know. But it's not worth screwing up what anyone with eyes can see is easy money with heel Barrett.
  5. I say just put him in a dark match. That way, the UK gets to pop for him, but it doesn't effect him on screen.
  6. If not a dark match, let him return in a match where he gets a big win over someone like Orton (sorry, i just think Orton sucks ass) and the crowd will cheer and Barrett can boast but then knock out Big Show too and leave.
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