If booked properly, Cena vs Dolph can push Dolph.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. This is WWE's last test for Dolph in my opinion. Have him go up against your face of the company, which automatically gives Dolph all the TV time and promo time he wants. I really think they can actually show the audience "Hey, Dolph is actually a heel you know." with this feud. The matches -- as you know -- will be fantastic, the spotlight will be good, this is Dolph's chance.

    Anyone else really excited for this?

  2. Yes..his time has come.
    I still think he should be challenging for a belt now though..he's had the case for long enough and he's too good to simply be used to get others over ..
  3. You could at least cite the BR source you read

  4. Didn't read that at all, saw it on twitter and stole the image. Why not actually contribute since you're such a die hard "dolph mark"? Anyone can see feuding with Cena is a chance... that's guaranteed segments, promos, and he has to look strong for at least a tiny bit of the feud for it to actually be a feud. Even if Dolph loses, the spotlight could propel him to a main eventer.
  5. "if" Dolph loses lol

    and yea, it's fine. I'm not against it. It seems more like Vickie vs Cena with DZ stepping in to take the AA & pin after a great PPV match, but yea, better than nothing.
  6. I honestly doubt it will help him become more heel at all. If anything, giving him mic time against a guy like Cena will just get him even more face pops.

    As for it propelling him to the main event, I'm doubtful - it'll most likely be a 8 or 9 minute match with Cena being the victor :sad:
  7. Yeah I chose a poor word there, Dolph is losing but I do think even losing will help him, but only if it's booked properly. I'm hoping this Cena/Aj/Vickie shit turns into AJ/Vickie and Cena/Dolph, else I can see this storyline replicating Claire Lynch :shock:.

    If it was me I would probably have Dolph feud with Cena for a month or two, have them have a real personal back and forth feud, Cena eventually goes over but on the same night as losing Dolph cashes in, so he's fresh in the mind of all the casuals. Mega heel time. Also whilst you're here, is it just me that sees the comparisons between Dolph and Bobby Roode?
  8. This is an exact rip off of the AJ/Dixie shit. Claire Lynch is what they did when they realized they had no realistic outs without ruining either AJ or Dixie's character. WWE will probably just throw AJ under the bus character wise (ala Eve) to save face for Cena. Also, Cena looks like the prick here, and Ziggler (AGAIN) didn't do anything heelish and it was Cena overreacting and not explaining himself (shoving Ziggler instead) and looking like the prick. This is just going to further divide Ziggler from any type of heel persona or heat. The crowd popped for DZ when he came out, and were chanting shit against Cena. So I definitely don't see how this will help establish DZ as a heel.
  9. Agreed, hence why I said "if booked properly" lol. But the foundations of the feud (Cena having an affair) makes it quite hard to establish Cena as the face and Dolph as the heel to be honest. Even if he doesn't come across as a heel, it's still spotlight and promo time for him to really push himself on the casuals. Saves jobbing to Ryback on Main Event doesn't it?
  10. I never buy into the people trying to be glass half full with Ziggler. Yea it's better than jobbing to Ryback on a show nobody watches but it is still a situation that probably isn't going to help Ziggler all that much. You say 'if booked properly' but then admit that they've already messed up any chance to book it 'properly'

    The segment was all Cena/Vickie then Dolph comes out, gets cut off, and shoved down like a bitch. He certainly didn't gain any favor in casuals eyes to start this feud
  11. It's just the start, more to happen yet. It's nailed on that Cena is facing Dolph at Survivor Series, so it must get better.
  12. Again, I don't see how you can jump to the conclusion that it "must get better" knowing WWE's track record.
  13. 'If booked properly' are the magic words. Almost anything can get over if booked properly.

    I personally hope this feud is proof that Ziggler is getting ready to cash in soon for a main event (or should I say semi-main event) push... The logic being that Ziggler hasn't won matches in awhile and thus has no momentum, and so feuding (and hopefully beating) Cena is a good quick way to gain some momentum back immediately before his world title push begins.

    However, as mentioned, I fear the real feud here will be between Cena/Vickie, with Ziggler simply being an afterthought. Reminds me of the classic wrestler/manager feuds that we don't see anymore (Hogan vs the Heenan Family, Undertaker vs Harvey Whippleman's stooges, Austin vs The Corporation, etc.), the only difference being that Ziggler is the only "henchman" that Vickie has.
  14. Yeah, it's more Cena vs Vickie with Dolph as the heel wrestler to have the match, so far he hasn't gotten much mic time or anything. Although yes, if booked properly it could benefit Ziggler a bit.
  15. Who to cheer for.. :hmm:
  16. Sure will push him..

    Kinda called this one so no surprise. :haha:
  17. I just hope Vickie Guerrero has no involvement with this at all. I hope it's just a 1 on 1 match without any interference's or it ending in a DQ.
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