If Brazil play like they can, are they better than Spain?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. In my opinion, after watching effectively Brazil's youth team with a few seniors against USA recently, I strongly think if they play like they can they're a better team than Spain.

    I think Brazil's future is brighter than Spains (although both are very bright). Spain's golden age has succeeded, unlike England's golden age failed (golden age = lots of in prime players in one team, very rare for internationals). Brazil's youth are filled with potential future best players in the world with the likes of Neymar & Hulk.

    We'll get a better taste of it in the olympics this year I guess, I make Brazil favourites personally.
  2. At this point in time? No. They are the Olympic favorites because of the age restriction, but if 2012 were a world cup year Spain would still be a heavy favorite. By the time 2014 rolls around I still believe Spain will be the favorites, but Brazil could possibly overtake them by then with their influx of youth talent, who knows.
  3. Argentina > Brazil.
  4. We all know Uruguay are the Kings of South America.

    Forlan and Suarez give me tingly sensations in the pants region
  5. Brazil yeah they could,but they have def Spain though
  6. 2014 would mean a lot of the Spanish golden age wouldn't be in their prime any more. Alonso, Iniesta and Xavi would all be out of it.

    Lol god no.
  7. Alonso would be 32, Iniesta 30. They will still be great players in 2 years, and it's not like they have a lack of young talent either.

    methinks this is wishful thinking on your behalf. Spain will be fine. Prepare thy anus for Spainamania running wild on you
  8. Don't forget about Cavani :mj:
  9. Name me the youth players that you actually know. I'm thinking you have no idea and are talking out your ass lmao. Don't get me wrong though, they do have a great youth squad and future top players. I just think Brazil's are better and if utilized like they can be they'll run riot. Plus, the 2014 world cup is in Brazil so it's almost certainly staying there. Why is it wishful thinking anyway? You're talking bullshit yet again, I love Spain as well as Brazil. Both their styles are a god send on football.
  10. I'm not talking about Youth squad, I don't follow them. I'm just talking about good young players on their national squad that are 23, 24, 25 years old.

    Even if I were talking about their youth players I think it's a safe assumption to say they won't suddenly be deprived of talent and their will always be good young Spanish players moving up their ranks.
  11. David Silva and Fabregas will be the ones who take over Xavi and Iniesta. I doubt they'll be as good together but they're still amazing. Thiago is also an up-and-coming phenomenon. IMO they lack a striker who can carry them like Villa and Torres have and center backs apart from Martinez. Their youth is great just imo not close to Brazil's atm. Brazil could make 4 teams and reach the quarters at least with all of them lol.

    At this minute though Spain's first team is the best in the world, but if Brazil play to their potential I think that's a dream match.
  12. Torres will still be the man at striker through 2014 at least. I think Adrian can eventually step in and take over the role, but for now Torres is only 28. Ramos and Pique are both relatively young, I don't see their performances falling off any time soon.

    And guys like Cesc Fabregas and Silva that you mentioned along with others like Busquets (I know you hate him) Jesus Naves, Pedro, ect are all going to keep Spain on top along with the old guard for the foreseeable future.

    I agree that with Brazil's young talented players it looks like they will be taking the #1 spot from Spain eventually, I think we just disagree on the time frame that it will happen. You say 1-2 years, I say 3-4 years.
  13. Torres can't lead shit though anymore. He can't be the main man. Villa maybe when he returns. Llorente is relatively decent too. They have no RB really, no good RB anyway. Alba will be their LB for years and years. Busquets is overrated but can play the anchor man well, Navas is decent but he's no Iniesta (who currently plays the RW position), Pedro is average.

    2 years time though, in Brazil, I don't see Brazil not winning the world cup. Spain are the epitome of consistency with their possession so another 2 years of dominance is definitely probable and perhaps they can do the unthinkable in Brazil but I just can't see it. They need to step it up because their style of play is being out-shined by ugly ragged defending. England beat Spain 1-0 and Chelsea have shown how to beat Barcelona. I hate that, I'd rather England and BPL teams just adopt the modern football style but we won't.

    Either way, Spain & Brazil lead the way from the rest by a country mile imo. Their styles are similar; high pressing, quick short passes and have promising youth teams. Who's going to catch them? If Messi can perform well at international levels with Aguero and co then perhaps Argentina but they're ever so inconsistent. England certainly can't in the Hodgson era anyway, Holland don't have too good youth coming up, Germany are good but not that good.
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