If Brock Lesnar came back after Wrestlemania...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. What would you have him do?

    This can be a return at this years Wrestlemania and wrestling next years, or a return somewhere after this WM setting him up for next years WM.
  2. Win every title and never lose to anyone
  3. Not sure if serious.
  4. I'd say he comes back on during the draft. Last draft to RAW. he then challenges Punk as a face, and wins, wins the rematch thanks to interference by someone. Later on he would compete against Cena three times, winning 2 and losing the last. He would them feud with someone and build up a push as a monster, dominating jobbers. Win the rumble and go onto win Wrestlemania
  5. Not debut him until after WM 29. Cena goes heel against Rock, destroys the WWE and beats Taker at WM 29. For weeks Vince / HHH says he has made a secret accusation to save the WWE from this monster. Brock debuts on a Raw as a face.
  6. Keep him on Smackdown, how he used to be. I think keeping him on Smackdown would help the show significantly. Then, have him work up to competing for the heavy weight belt.

    In my honest opinion it doesn't seem like he wants to come back.
  7. Doesn't this sort of bury the WWE superstars? "We can't overcome Cena with current stars so we reach out to Brock", I think if Brock returns he needs to be a mega-heel personally. Or have face v face (Brock v Cena or Punk).
  8. YES! It must happen. Smackdown needs Brock.
  9. He wouldn't come back full time - but he'd come back for the WM pay check I guarantee.
  10. Sometimes you need a short term sacrifice for a long term gain. Take for example Hogan's run vs Sting. He took on the Giant, Luger and Savage amongst others. I wouldn't have Brock be the man to beat him, rather a stepping stone until Punk comes over from SD at WM 30 to unify the belts in MSG.
  11. I would love to see Brock come back. He was the best thing to happen in WWE before Cena made WWE into a kids game. Thankfully CM Punk is bringing some credibility to WWE.

    What would he really be coming back to anyway? Definitely not anything resembling what he left.
  12. Yeah because Cena is in charge of what direction the company goes in.....
  13. He really is. As long as he keeps making money for WWE, he calls the shots. It sucks. I really hope they aren't bringing back The Rock to job to Cena at WM this year. That would be the worst thing I've ever seen.
  14. Nah Cena doesn't call any shots, but you're right, money talks. Vince calls the shots. Cena was making more money than anyone ever in his 6 year super-man face era. Why would you change that if you're Vince? Like he gives a damn what the fans want - he's said that multiple times.

    In my opinion, Cena now (the aggressive, cheeky, non-kid like guy) is more entertaining than Punk. All faces get moulded into the smiling supermen, Sheamus & Punk are now examples of that. Further proof that it's not Cena, it's WWE. Rock will not win at Wrestlemania cleanly, that's a fact. Will Cena finally turn heel though?
  15. I don't see Cena turning heel. With the way children look up to him and America at war (him being a major supporter of the troops), WWE stands to lose too much by making him a heel.
  16. Not really look at Hogan's turn. It sparked the business into a new boom period.
  17. That is my only worry - that his charity work and outside the WWE image will be the one thing that stops the turn. Though I do feel a heel turn would be great for both John and the WWE.

    Business has changed though.
  18. Business has changed but the principle is still the same, Vince knows he's sitting on the last big gold mine in wrestling with Cena's turn. You look how many people are crying out for a change like they were Hogan from 92 on wards. After all what is bigger than a John Cena heel turn currently?
  19. True - there is nothing bigger than it at this time. But WWE makes more money now outside of WWE than they ever have. It's not just about ratings/advertisements and merch. They're branched into so many different things, Cena is a big deal in those. It's a risk, and I'm not sure how risky Vince thinks he needs to be atm with no competition.
  20. He's still has a contract with UFC.
    I would expect to see him during Road to Wrestlemania '13.
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