IF Brock Lesnar Wins The WWE Championship Later This Year...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, May 4, 2013.

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  1. ...Wouldn't it be funny if he lost via someone cashing in on him?

    There's a possibility I never considered before until recently... Probably because the last person that a MITB winner would think about cashing in on was BROCK LESNAR. If Brock were to really challenge for the WWE Title and win it, I'd love it for Paul Heyman to actually dare the MITB winner for the WWE Title to try and cash in on Brock, knowing he won't have the balls to. But I think I have a plausible scenario where it could happen, and it would happen in the middle of the Punk/Brock feud in the fall and would be a way to turn the intensity level of that feud up to the max.

    Firstly, Brock winning the WWE Title.

    My original idea for Lesnar becoming champ again was to defeat John Cena at Summerslam. Cena would hold the title till then, and Cena would get into it with Paul Heyman (maybe Heyman becomes GM after ER to give him a reason for being on the show without either Brock or Punk there) and that would lure Brock out to punish Cena by taking the title from him, which he does. But since the severity of Cena's injury and whether it'll even keep him out at all is still unknown, maybe there'll be another baby face in his position holding the title. Either way, imagine Lesnar wins it at Summerslam from someone.

    He goes on to successfully defend it at Night Of Champions (doesn't matter against who.) Shortly before or after this PPV, Punk returns (to a huge pop, though he doesn't play up to the crowd, but he doesn't insult them either) and says that after a long rest at home getting his head together, he's ready to return to the promised land of being the WWE Champion. This sends out Heyman to tell him that challenging for the belt right now isn't the best decision because Brock is champion. He tries to talk him into winning the World Heavyweight Championship (and having a 434 day title reign or longer with that belt) and that way, both he and Brock will rule the show as the two world champions. Punk says no, he wants the WWE Title. This sends out Brock, which begins a confrontation between the two which Heyman manages to cool down. It ends with Punk asking Heyman whether he's getting a title shot or not and he wants his answer next week. (Imagine Heyman is GM, as mentioned above.)

    The next week, Punk asks Heyman what his decision is but before he can answer, Lesnar attacks Punk and puts him in the Kimura while Heyman screams for him to stop, and Lesnar lets go only after the damage is done and Punk's arm appears to be broken. Heyman shows remorse because he still cares about Punk and because we've seen in the past that he realizes how dangerous Brock is and tries to stop him from doing too much damage to his opponents (breaking HBK's arm, telling Vince to leave the ring, telling him it was enough after he attacked 3MB.)

    Anyway, skip ahead a few weeks. Another successful title defense for Brock at the Hell In A Cell PPV, which is the next in the line up. And the next night is when the cash in happens (most appropriate here because Lesnar would be weakened from the night before in the cell match.) Heyman brings out Lesnar and says that last night in the cell is why Lesnar is the dominant beast that he is, and then out of nowhere, Punk reappears and sneak attacks Brock. We haven't seen Punk since the attack a few weeks before so this is supposed to be surprising and stuff. Punk has a steel chair and goes to town on Lesnar while Heyman just stands there and screams for Punk to stop to no avail. He whacks at his knees first because that'll help bring down a big man that much faster. When Lesnar is down on his knees, he runs the ropes and slams it into his throat to put him on his back. He then slams the chair into his back quite a few times to make sure he stays down. Then the MITB winner for the WWE Title runs down and cashes in on Brock to a big ovation. I have no idea who this person could/would be but just imagine someone.

    After this, Punk just stands over Lesnar, having cost him the title to a quick cash in victory as revenge for what he did to him. Heyman screams at him and Punk finally breaks off his relationship with Heyman for good by giving him the roundhouse kick to the head. This intensifies the feud between the two that will lead to a match at Survivor Series (and another one at TLC surely) and also is a cool way to get the title off of Brock (who will be angry as hell as a result and want to take it out on Punk) and create a huge Raw moment in the process. I know there'll be issues with doing it that way but it would be unexpected and that's why I think it would be a great way to go.
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  2. Well, I'd enjoy that storyline for sure. But for me personally there are a few problems, first, Brock winning the belt, but let's ignore that for the sake of storytelling since Brock being champ (if he can be bothered to show up on the shows, which I highly doubt) for me would have the same light in the end of the tunnel, putting a young star over. Unfortunately, they wasted that rub on Cena when Rock was champ, so if Lesnar won the belt instead of a young guy finally being able to beat the monster in a long hard-fought match he'd sneak a win and steal the belt, sounds kinda bad. I mean, the story and TV would be entertaining, yeah, but it'd be wasting a rub imo.
  3. Well, I'm being realistic with WWE's booking. There's a lot of guys who could hypothetically cash in on Brock in a spot like that that might never even get a match with him otherwise, much less a win. Plus, I'd want to keep Brock Lesnar undefeated as much as possible till next year's Wrestlemania (since he'll almost certainly job there.) Taking a pin fall loss because of a cash in is a lot different than going toe to toe with someone and losing, even by interference. And yes, that means I wouldn't want Punk to win the feud per se with Brock if it means pinning him or forcing him into submission. The closest to a victory over Lesnar I'd want to see is maybe a Last Man Standing match, where both guys are down and near a draw, but Punk just barely stands up before the ten count counts them both out, similar to HHH/Jericho at Fully Loaded 2000.

    You also can't fault them for the way they went about Rock/Cena though. Annoying yes, but the bigger issue (which was out of WWE's hands, in my opinion) was that the rub from Rock to Cena would have been better several years before, like say WM24 or something. Passing Of The Torch moments like this are better off when the guy getting the torch passed to him hasn't already been on top for nearly a decade. We're already at the point now where people are talking about Cena passing the torch to someone else (even though he still has years left in the tank.) If the match had been done in earlier years, The Rock still could have come back now, won the title one last time and put someone huge on the way out. Of course, the other issue is one that would have still been prevalent, which is WWE's failure to build up any new stars to a level where a Rock match at WM is the least bit plausible.
  4. Read it all, and loved it. I'm not on board with a Brock reign at all, but this is written pretty beautifully, and helps every single person involved.
  5. Yeah, it just bothers me that they took up three WMs for this feud. Surely, if they weren't sitting on their asses doing nothing, they could've started building up one guy after WM 27, have Rock job to Cena at 28 and then at 29 boom, a new main eventer solidified. But it's completely hypothetical, yeah. But I agree with you on Brock, it's more realistic since there isn't really anyone at the level to beat him clean (same Rock problem) so indeed it would be a nice solution.
  6. The only way Brock winning a WWE or World Title if if HE WINS THE MITB MATCHS! And cash in on the champion that night. to set a up a match against someone at SummerSlam in them main event which I think can have been! Maybe a CM punk vs. Brock for the WWE and or World Title could have been if CM punk ready to go by then?
  7. That would be a plausible way of going about his title reign. Lesnar wins the MITB match and then walks out there to cash in on the champ that night. Imagine the fear in someone's eyes when you have Brock Lesnar coming down to cash in on you.

    But Punk/Lesnar won't happen at Summerslam unless Punk comes back earlier than expected, which is supposed to be no earlier than six or seven months. The feud between them has always been rumored for the fall, not the summer. It would be neat to go into their first match with Heyman not taking a side but then screwing Punk somehow during the match to show he's chosen Lesnar. it wouldn't even have to be a critical moment where Lesnar was near defeat either, just a moment where Punk has a lot of momentum going and then gets low blowed. Or perhaps a moment where the ref is down and so are Punk and Lesnar and then Heyman slides a chair in the ring that Punk picks up, even though it was CLEARLY thrown to Brock. And then Heyman distracts Punk later on after he uses the chair to his advantage, and costs him the match. Punk stands up and confronts Paul, wondering if he did that on purpose and then Lesnar attacks and does damage after the match while Heyman perhaps smiles malignantly.

    Anyway, that's an alternate way to have Heyman side with Brock. Not that it'll happen.
  8. Can I say that you make awesome quality posts.
  9. the plan is for Punk to be back into for summerslam. it alway have been the question will punk be back in time to start the feud. but with the less ad brock can be on tv it the only way i see him winning the title.
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