If Bryan does win tonight...

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  1. Does he hold it until Wrestlemania to face HHH? What would you like to see happen?
  2. Face HHH? Hell no.

    I'd prefer Bryan (for Vince) vs a guy for HHH, probably Ambrose.

    I do not want to see Hunter competing at Mania. Or even again, in fact.
  3. Ambrose would be a wrong choice. Hunter is the way to go.
  4. I'd rather not, I'm down for Orton going over dirty tonight run Punk vs Orton for SVS,TLC and whatever else we have until the Rumble where you give someone a test match. Bryan sticks vs the corp and outta the title hunt for a while.
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  5. Bryan entering WM champion? Must be dreaming.
  6. This. The corp seems like they'll be focused on the Big Show/HHH crap, and Punk needs to be part of this too. Bryan can find other stuff to do (no, not go after the US, don't be silly) That report that said Bryan wins the rumble and uses that to stick it to the corp by winning the belt from Orton (can they do that match again? Gotta change it up) at Wrestlemania sounds like it's by far the best option, anything else is a fail by comparison.

    But then again I kinda side with Testify, with how much they've pushed Big Show past him it really feels like WWE feels what HHH is saying about Bryan. so hoping I don't get my hopes up :urm:
  7. I'll tell you whats gonna happen if Bryan wins, i'm gonna throw a big party at my house and shoot off fireworks that say YES! YES! YES! But if the next day he is stripped for no reason, i'm gonna lead the world's largest riot.
  8. Bryan should go after the world title.
    Randy Orton (C) vs CM Punk would be amazing.

    I really hope Randy Orton wins tonight.
  9. I'm going to tell you all what's going to happen; Daniel Bryan is going to kick Randy Orton's head in!
  10. If Bryan wins it tonight, then almost certainly, yes. But all signs point towards Orton becoming champ again at HIAC, and I think there are more interesting possibilities with Orton as champion right now than with Bryan. If Orton wins, he has CM Punk, Big Show, maybe even Cena (should there be any chance that Cena isn't WHC by then) to feud with for the next 2-3 months. Who does Bryan feud with if he walks out as champion? Del Rio? Ryback? Pretty short list of opponents there that would make for an interesting feud. I also don't think Orton should be suffering his big ultimate defeat just yet since he hasn't even been a heel again but for two months (Orton could always go after Cena's WHC should Orton lose tonight and they could do an angle where HHH is trying to find someone else to take the title off of Bryan while he wants Orton to go after Cena's belt instead but I don't see them going that direction.)

    Meanwhile, we play out Bryan's quest to become champion again for a little while longer, all the way till the Rumble and then Wrestlemania.
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  11. I doubt he is going to win tonight at all because I have a feeling Orton's going over dirty. I'd prefer Bryan with the world title with Orton as WWE Champ so he can put on some decent matches. But if he does capture the title tonight, maybe he'll hold it until Mania before facing HHH then beating him, ending this long feud that is getting quite boring now..
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