If Bryan is to beat Cena, does Cena tap?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dat Kid, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. According to that video Cena has only tapped three times in his entire career. People have beaten Cena, but ever since his rise to the top tier he has not tapped out one time. Bryan's finishing move is the "yes lock" and I can't see any other move taking out Cena. So if Bryan is going to win the WWE Championship like so many of us have said, does he make Cena tap?
  2. That'd would be awesome. Bryan would go over clean and with a submission. Would definitely be historic I think.
  3. No fucking way it's stupid to even think it's possible.
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  4. He isn't Mr. Small package for nothing.
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  5. It's not going to happen. Ever. Not even in your dreams.
  6. One of Cena's main slogans is "Never Give Up", which would also imply never tap out, I'm sure. As historical as it would be for someone to finally defeat Cena by submission (the commentators will try to sell it as if Cena has never tapped at all his entire career), fans chant "You Tapped Out" even when huge baby faces like Triple H and Randy Orton give up, now imagine the kind of reaction someone like Cena will get for tapping out. WWE isn't gonna want that. Most likely, Bryan will slap the Yes Lock on Cena and they'll linger on it for quite awhile, having people believe that Cena is actually about to submit, but then he manages to break out of it.

    I've said this many a times, but I think Bryan is gonna get into a series of different kind of pin fall maneuvers and eventually he'll get him that way. As mentioned, Bryan is known as Mr. Small Package to many and he's won matches the last two weeks (against Caesro and last night, Kane) with that move so I think that's how it's gonna happen.
  7. I really doubt they'll have Cena tap. I mean, McMahon does see a lot in D-Bry but I don't see Cena tapping to the yes lock. To be honest I doubt Cena will ever tap. If Bryan does win I suspect to see a flying headbutt or a cheap win.

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  9. Nah. I'm going for some sort of roll up victory and I bet on DB reversing a Cena Sunset Flip (just like Bulldog beating Hart in 92, hopefully the pop is similar as well).
  10. AA into small package, yeah no idea. But that will be the way. The Orton head kick and bum new WWE champ. Thousand of girls wet and Orton still face
  11. There's no way Cena will tap,it'd be cool but it just won't happen. The only way I see Bryan winning is by a roll up or some sick spot of sort.
  12. He won't tap. Cena tapping is just not convincing.

    It'll be some kind of cheap win involving the Bellas or something even we couldn't dream up!
  13. #Mr.SmallPackage
  14. I think Bryan will win by Ryback maybe meat-hooking Cena and the ref not seeing it after a long 25 minute match. Ryback just seems to be involved with these two quite often.
  15. Maybe Bryan introduces an impact finisher that would come out from outta nowhere.
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  16. You guys honestly think that Bryan is going to beat Cena on a small package? Really?
  17. I don't, I said maybe Bryan will use a new impact finisher because it would be something outta nowhere...
  18. That's why i didn't quote you :pity2:
  19. John Cena tapped out to two great competitors and submission wrestlers named Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. Is Daniel Bryan a submission specialist? Yes. Is John Cena going to tap out? No. John Cena strives on the motto 'never give up' which means don't give up - I think this pretty much means not submitting as that's giving up. I can see Daniel Bryan winning, defiantly, but as far as John Cena tapping out seems to be near impossible.

    I understand WWE's reasons for not making John Cena tap and that's completely understandable. If John Cena didn't tap out to someone such as CM Punk earlier in their long rivalry then I don't think they'll make Daniel Bryan defeat John Cena with a submission maneuver. It'll make more sense for the Bella's to interfere, thus extending their feud and involving them within the feud, but I'd like them to be as far away from the feud as possible, but it links in.
  20. It was a major part of his character to be able to beat anyone creatively. We've seen him win by roll up multiple times since he started the push. He's the Bret Hart of his generation, instead of having a impact move he favours new and creative ways to beat his opponent. Something I enjoy since it really sets him up to win out of nowhere.
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