IF Bryan Isn't Stripped Of The Championship...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, May 16, 2014.

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  1. ...and for the record, I think him being stripped of the title would be a great thing for his character right now, BUT if he isn't and he's allowed to keep the title while being on the sidelines for the next two months, then here's a pretty decent idea on how to justify it:

    Have the WWE conduct a poll on WWE.com asking members of the WWE Universe if they feel Bryan should be stripped of the title if he's unable to defend it. The fans vote overwhelmingly in favor of Bryan keeping the title. Stephanie then asks the live audience if they agree that Bryan should remain champion, and they chant a resounding "YES!" So she complies and says that Daniel Bryan will remain champion for the next two months that he is sidelined with an injury, but since there's a rule in-effect that says that all champions must defend their titles at least once every 30 days (bwahahahahaha, I guess we'll ignore Amborse's US Title reign for the moment), that means Bryan will be forced to defend the title on a more regular basis when he returns as a way of making up for it.

    So when he does come back, she makes him defend the championship on every episode of Raw for the entire build towards the Battleground PPV, pitting him against a new opponent every week. (No idea on who his opponent for Battleground is yet, likely Kane, but we'll ignore that for the moment.) This would be a good way of her trying to wear Bryan out and increase the chances of him dropping the title, and the prospect of going up against a couple of midcarders/upper-midcarders during this weekly title defense stint is a good way of giving one of them a slight rub by putting them in a world title match in the main event of a Raw. For example, if Bad News Barrett were to get a world title shot, then whoever he is in a feud with at the time could come down to ringside and perhaps get into a brawl with BNB after the match (or try to prevent BNB from cheating during the match), thus highlighting the current Intercontinental Title feud by putting it in the last segment of the show along with the world champion, Daniel Bryan. They could also go ahead and give Orton his rematch from Wrestlemania on one of these episodes of Raw as well, that way we don't have to suffer through seeing Orton/Bryan on PPV again.

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  2. Like it plus it works for WWE as they can use a rule that they usually ignore to play into the Authority angle.
  3. This would be pretty good. I also don't think the fact that Steph would use the 30-day rule is something that blatantly ignores stuff from previous years or even recent events as it happens all the time in wrestling, because theoretically she'd be stacking the deck against him so since she's a heel, the fact that the rule is not in effect anymore makes sense if she's using it as a way to get heat. And the midcard rub would indeed be pretty good and we could get fun, long DB singles matches weekly. I approve of this.
  4. Ambrose had a couple defenses via house show so I assume that's how they got away with the 30day defense rule :emoji_slight_smile:

    I like the idea overall but my concern is the time-table of the injury.
    They quote it at 2 months because the surgery went so well but the recovery process is the other half of the battle. I actually have a friend who had this same type of surgery (Football player so an athlete) and was on the shelf for 2 months and 2/3rds months so idk; with MITB being June 29 (a little less than two months a way from his injury) I think they should still have a championship match set there that way there's still the anticipation of whomever winning the MITB and then the possibility of cashing it in that night.
  5. Good interesting idea actually. I don't think we should be without a WWE champion though, maybe bring back the WHC and have that till Bryan comes back and then he can face the WHC and reunify?

    WWE essentially have a three month rule but Ambrose was less than three months ago
  6. I agree with the OP.... but if they do strip Bryan of the title, will he ever regain it? Will there be another almost full year of tormenting him before he regains the title? I don't know about you guys but I would rather not see the underdog story-line for Bryan anymore. But with Steph pulling the card out and using it again the other night.. saying that Bryan may have won the title but his body has proved that he's less than an A+ player... it just makes me think they might be heading down that road again.
  7. Strip him of the title as the authority's last move against Bryan. Then have Wyatt (c) vs. Bryan at SummerSlam in Bryan's first match back. That would draw.
  8. That is actually a really solid idea.

    But IMO, if WWE are going ahead with stripping Bryan from the title. They could go with three options. This coming Raw in England, they announce the split of the belts again, and officially handing the WHC to Orton and the WWE Championship to Batista, which could lead to a member/s of The Shield challenging for the belts. Unlikely, but just thought I'd add that.

    Second option is have Cena win his Wyatt feud at Payback (don't get mad just yet). Then announce a tournament to crown a new champion that will unfold during the upcoming weeks of Raw, and culminate into the Title Match at Battleground or whatever PPV there is before Summerslam. Cesaro, Barrett, Sheamus, RVD, Wyatt, Cena, Rusev and someone from NXT like Neville or Zayn would all be in it. I know some of you may think if people like Rusev, Cesaro, Barrett, Cena, etc. lose it'll damage their stock. But it's not like they need to job out in 10 seconds. They can put up a serious fight, and even with a loss, they could prove that they were deserving at a shot for the title, and it'll actually raise their stock not damage it. But yeah, anyway, Wyatt would win the tourney after defeating Cena probably, winning the title. Then they would announce Bryan will return at Summerslam and that he will cash in his rematch clause vs. Wyatt. That sounds good to me. Only problem with this is that it leaves MITB not making sense, as wrestlers will be competing to fight for a shot at a vacant title. Which leads me to my next option.

    Make the MITB this year for the title, with the same guys I mentioned above, maybe replace Cesaro and Barrett with Big E and someone else. And have a seperate MITB for a guaranteed shot at the title with guys like Ziggler, Barrett, Cesaro, etc. in it. Have Wyatt win the title, and Cesaro win the title shot.
    Then the rest is the same as above, Bryan vs. Wyatt at SS.
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  9. Honestly, I like the third idea the best. I don't know about giving the title directly to Wyatt and I would have Ziggler, Barrett, Sheamus, RVD, Orton, and Cena in the ladder match for the title and Wyatt, Cesaro, Sandow, Big E, Cody, Kofi (gotta have a spot monkey), Reigns, and Bo Dallas in the MITB match. I'd have Wyatt win the contract (with support from Rowan and Harper of course) and Orton win the title, then have Rowan and Harper come out and beat down Orton while Wyatt cashes in the briefcase.

    At Battleground, I'd have Wyatt vs. Orton straight-up (Rowan, Harper, and Evolution on the outside....maybe have Batista "injured" at the PPV or in the weeks leading up to it, since he's leaving....although I'm not sure when, that may not be necessary), with Wyatt successfully defending. I would also have another MITB match for a briefcase since Wyatt cashed in so early and I would have Sandow win that briefcase (and, this time, his cash-in would be successful).

    On Raw after Battleground, have Bryan challenge him for the WWEWHC at Summerslam, which is granted by.....somebody, hell, I don't know at this point. Either way, that leads to your Summerslam match between Wyatt and Bryan for the big title.

    And I have to say, that match-up between Wyatt and Bryan for the belt sounds intriguing.

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  10. Screw Bryan and take the title away. He's a bum with nothing to offer.
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  11. As much as I hate DB, I wouldn't call him exactly a bum with nothing to offer.
    I do agree with taking the title away though, well having him surrender it "honorably" or whatever.

    I think the MITB idea is the best way to do it however not having the WWE/WHC be up for grabs at Payback seems kinda unwarranted and I feel it would make the show that much better.
  12. I think the WWE should have a tournament. Sort of like Wrestlemania 4.
  13. Would not be opposed to that; whatever they do it should be a good set up, I don't agree with waiting another week until next RAW because if they do take it away from him and want a match for Payback that only gives them the rest of the RAW show, I suppose Main Event (although I doubt it) and then 1 SD show to set up something for Payback.
  14. I'd have two problems with a WWEWHC tournament from a storyline/business perspective:

    1) You just concluded a tournament for the IC Title and you're in the middle of a tournament for the NXT Women's Championship (the second time they've done a tournament for that title). I know, the second one's NXT, but they're working to make it more visible, which means more fans will be aware of it. Three tournaments in such a short amount of time just feels weird.

    2) Having a six-way/seven-way/eight-way ladder match for the WWEWHC isn't something we've seen recently. Throw in the fact that it would be at the MITB PPV (I doubt they could build one up for Payback, particularly considering the fact that we've already got Cena, Wyatt, RKO, Batista, HHH, Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose, RVD, BNB, etc., out of the mix would be difficult), and you've got a tremendous opportunity to put on a spectacle. What they do title-match-wise at Payback: I think they just don't have a WWEWHC match if they want to build to something like this. You could actually have "play-in" matches on Raw, SD, ME between Payback and MITB that allows for some booking of side feuds to give you more matches than just two MITB matches and a Divas Championship match.

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