IF Bryan Wins The Rumble...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Jan 10, 2014.

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  1. ...and that's a big IF at this point (Batista and to a lesser degree Punk have more of a chance of winning) but if he does, then here's what I think would be an interesting scenario where he wins the Rumble and breaks free of Wyatt's "spell" at the same time.

    Let's say the entire Wyatt Family ends up being the final four at the Rumble. Wyatt grabs the mic and orders (or just naturally expects) that all three of them will step over the top rope and eliminate themselves so that Bray himself can be declared the winner. Rowan takes his time doing so first. Then Harper follows. But when Bray orders Bryan to then do the same, Bryan stands there for a moment contemplating whether he should or not and the fans begin chanting "NO!" extremely loud and we start to see it's having a clear effect on Bryan. He's starting to feel the positive energy of the crowd more than ever before and it eventually causes him to snap out of it and attack Wyatt. Rowan and Harper climb back into the ring to help Bray but Bryan fights them off and ends up eliminating Wyatt to win the match.

    While some may feel this might be a bit too early to separate Bryan from Wyatt, I disagree. I think this would be the perfect chance to do it but only if Bryan wins. What better chance to break away from them than when you're one elimination away from winning the Rumble and getting a title shot at Wrestlemania? I do have a couple of slightly different ways on how it could play out but I like this one the best. Either way, this all leads to Bryan/Wyatt at Elimination Chamber so that he can wrap up this whole feud before the build to Mania starts.
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  2. I have no opinion on the matter. You literally summed up everything I was thinking about the situation, lol.
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  3. He did indeed for me as well, that would be quite the situation with all four of them in there!
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  4. Who would he face at Wresltlemania 30 though? any ideas for a big 5 star match that hasn't happened before?
  5. It would be nice to see him face Bray at WM after that... Not sure how they would set that up though.
  6. WWE would never do that
  7. Yeah, it would make too much sense. lol Either way, I am still hoping for a D-Bry vs Punk match at WM.
  8. I'd rather that they to separate in Wrestlemania. (I read a good one angle here on site, Daniel could not save Bray in Rumble and in EC. and then to make up with him, Bryan promisses to Bray that will let he win in a match between both, but when the bell ring, Bryan turns)

    But if this story will end in RR, so your idea is the best for.
  9. :dafuq: No.
  10. I already said something very similar to this, so I have no problem lol
  11. It's an interesting option. If they want DB to work a WWE Championship program with Cena, Orton or whoever it may be, breaking him away from the Wyatts ASAP would be good. But I don't know, I think that now that they started it they stretch it out for more than a month. It feels kinda weird for the guy to start "ignoring" the crowd reaction and join the Family and then three weeks later already change his mind.
  12. Bryan, of course lol. The whole point of this is to turn face along with snagging a Rumble victory.

    Some like to hold out hope that Lesnar/Bryan could actually happen but the only title match I could see with Bryan is Orton/Cena/Bryan in a triple threat. If Cena reclaims the belt before Mania (which he won't, as I don't see Orton dropping it before then), then maybe Cena/Bryan can compete in a Summerslam rematch (based off Cena telling Bryan that this is his chance to re-create the same magic on the biggest stage of them all as he did on that fateful night at Summerslam last year, except with no one around to screw him out of the title afterwards.)
  13. Bryan has no chance of winning it. 2014 is the year he returns to the mid-card, unfortunately.
  14. I don't know why but this just doesn't feel right, I'd be cool if it happened midrumble but just not at the end (have Bryan snap after an accidental collision with Rowan and eliminate him then go on a rampage before being thrown out.)
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  15. It doesn't make sense from any standpoint but when you have so many marks on this site it'll keep popping up. The two have never met in a classic like they should have for me, they don't mesh.
  16. remember their feud during Punks long reign? they put on a couple of PPV snoozers and this forum collectively pretended it was the greatest couple of matches since Flair and Steamboat used to get it on.
  17. That storyline would be amazing.
  18. I don't know why, but I don't see the 4 of them being the last 4. But still a good story arc if it happened.
  19. I see Bryan losing the rumble due to the Wyatt's.

    I still say Batista or Reigns.
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  20. am worried about the same thing, but with recent random matches i could see him taking out Harper/Rowan early on and Bray coming in a solid 10 rounds later. This actually gives me faith we will see DB in the first 1-3 out.
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