WrestleMania If Cena wins, what will happen afterwards?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Snowman, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Right after the match, how will Rock and Cena respond to Cena getting a pinfall victory over Rocky? (Not next Raw). Won't they have to do something besides the "passing of the torch" moment we all expect?

    The way I heard it, many of the fans on Raw are going to WM. WWE should expect a smark crowd and John Cena getting booed out of the building yet again, if the "boring" chants tell them anything they should work out a better finish than that.

    Will we see Rocky get pissed and Rock Bottom Cena after the match?
  2. Rock will be beaten up after being hit with tons of chair shots and Cena will be a heel. :awyeah:

  3. I'm guessing they'll shake hands or something along those lines.
  4. It'll go like this.... Opening match for the tag team championship...

    Ziggy and E win by AJ distraction to win the tag team championship.

    Later on... During the del rio. Swags match. Del rio wins when swags is distracted by RR attacking zeb.

    Swags snaps.. Beats del rio within an inch of his life... Leave him laying.....

    No ziggy...

    Main event. Cena goes 0-2 vs the rock as rock hulks up and beats cena with a school boy...

    Cena appears upset over the loss... Rock extends his hand.. Cena takes it... Then gives the rock a cheap shot beating like he has never imagined....
    Denouncing cenation as he brings out big Johnny to be his new mouthpiece and manager.. Big and little Johnny is born...

    Ziggy comes out and is allowed to cash in his MITB contract! Vicky announces she changed the contract or MITB to allow the holder to cash in ANY belt the holder chooses!

    Ziggy scores an easy pinfall in a 2 minute squash vs the rock..

    Stealing the show........
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  5. That would be pretty fucking fantastic. Sadly WWE would never do it, also the briefcase is for the WHC only. :okay: :sad1:
  6. Rock will come out and congratulate Cena and tell the crowd that he respects him and that the match was the best that he ever had blah blah blah blah.
  7. I picture a tap out on Rock's part from the STFU (or whatever it's called these days), actually.

    Rock will walk off and look back towards the ring at Cena celebrating with the fireworks going off. The next night, he'll give a predictable speech that no one wants to hear about how Cena truly does belong up there along with all the other greats. But he'll also say that he's guaranteed a rematch and that he intends to win the title back in the rubber match at Extreme Rules and maybe pulls Cena into a rock bottom... Or maybe he'll only give this speech after Cena defeats him for the second time and essentially wins the feud.
  8. Rock/Cena III is so redundant, even if it's at random ppv. Ugh.
  9. Cena will kick his tanned ass and will win the WWE title
  10. No way can Cena win clean and just leave. Either he wins dirty and turns, or he wins clean but Rocky lays him out after,
  11. The MITB idea is cool no brands any belt should be done.
  12. WWE has an obsession (along with people in general) with the number 3 and the idea of trilogies. So, expect a third match between them at some point. I'm pretty sure they won't book it for Wrestlemania 30, though.
  13. This is why it's somewhat unlikely that Cena will win. If the Rock loses, where CAN they go from there. It would be tough, but i personally am going to be mad if Rock wins. It's time for current era stars to rise up, not for the old ones to stay shining. Cena ftw. [​IMG]
  14. "It's time for current era stars to rise up, not for the old ones to stay shining."

    lol As if this doesn't apply EXACTLY to John Cena, who is now approaching his eighth year as the top guy.
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  15. IF Cena win its b/c he turn heel! otherwise Rock wins until if Taker and Punk is the main event which saddly it will not be. so yet Rock winning.
  16. Cena isn't turning heel.
  17. shake hands...cena will have the belt for a while probly
  18. Yeah that's the thing. Cena's about the only full time star who shouldn't be going over the part timers. :dawg:
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