If Cesaro becomes a permanent main eventer...

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  1. Will he need a permanent mouth piece? His one weakness is how poor he is on the mic. I've seen some people try and defend him but from what I can see he's just plain boring and monotonous when he speaks. I really think someone like Cesaro would benefit from Paul Heyman because of the superior talent Cesaro has in the ring and in beat-down segments. He's one of those stars who speaks by actions -- like Lesnar. He doesn't need to be excellent on the microphone because he's going to get a ton of reaction when he's swinging someone around into barriers and shit.

    But back onto the topic at hand, does he need a permanent mouth piece? Can Zeb fill that role? Should he go solo instead and drop Zeb? Also, can he really stay in this tedious "we the people" role now he's going solo? I for one want to see him explore another gimmick because that one puts me to sleep.
  2. Cesaro won't need a permanent mouth piece all WWE needs is to find what he's best on the mic, they found The Rock is good at trash talk and he's considered the best damn talker ever.

    I'm happy to say Cesaro has been my fish in the pond since his early FCW days
  3. I for one do believe he will need a permanent mouthpiece and agree that his mic skills are poor, I think his mic skills suffer as he is not a native English speaker and also fluent in many languages. Being fluent in many languages may make it difficult for him to convey strong promo work in English to audiences as there may be cultural misunderstanding.

    I second the thought of making him a Paul Heyman guy, why not? The guy has the move-set and power of a main-eventer but the mic skills and promo work of a mid-carder. Making him the next Paul Heyman guy also keeps Heyman on TV (I love Heyman on the mic).
  4. I don't think so. WWE has been talking about being more in ring based rather than mic work/shitty segments, so Cesaro won't have to talk all that much.
  5. Heyman would be great, but Zeb has him solo after dropping Swag for a good few months, and that is after their fallout. I assume Cesaro goes alone from post HIAC - pre-RR before Heyman scoops him as the future of the company, and doesnt bother with heyman guy shit.

    Heyman or someone else could put him and Rusev on the same team (not tag team) and you could get promos from a mouthpiece with their separate feuds, and it will be money. Otherwise....I dont think he will be a permanent main eventer, but regardless he will be a big spot on the card for a while to come. He is the reason the real americans are over (no denying that) and he could end up sin cara style or shit role like ADR and still succeed, he will just need someone for if/when he gets the big spot.

    There are 1-2 NXT managers, right? Maybe them. Either way great thread.
  6. Just keep his mic segments short and simple. His appeal is the ring work, so just let him be a beast. For his segments just have him be a badass, like the time he clowned Miz banging his head up against the guardrail and shit.
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  7. His accent makes me chuckle
  8. To me, personally, I never thought he was bad on the mic. He was nothing amazing, but I had no problems listening to him. I think he could be fine without a mouthpiece.
  9. He got a massive pop on the mic when he came out and said he would be the new face of America Monday.
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  10. Also, as far as Crayo hating on the Real American gimmick, fuck off faggot. WE THE PEOPLE! is super over. again, faggot.

    Now, I expect Cesaro to turn face and likely leave the we the people stuff behind for Swagger and Zeb, but still, its enjoyable for now.
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  11. I agree. People are loving that shit. Always chanting with them when they put their hands over their hearts.
  12. I want every REAL American in this building to stand and put your hand over your heart, and in a loud clear voice join us in saying... WE! The PEOPLE!

    hell I mark for it.
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  13. I kind of do too lol. I'll be honest, when I use my IWT slogan I think of "We the People" everytime.
    Speaking of IWT.... (open)

    D'Z, you wanna be the tag tourney tie breaking vote or what? 6-6 ATM, ends at 1PM
  14. I s'pose I can check it out
  15. I remember CM Punk using a Cesaro shirt on Wrestlemania 29 conference... I think it was Sam Roberts interviewing him, He said that he supporting Cesaro coz he should be on that WM 29 card, (but he's not, they had fandango debut instead)
  16. I don't believe he needs a mouthpiece. He's not great on the mic but he's not what I'd call terrible either. Not everyone has to be The Rock on the mic and not everyone needs mic skills to get over anyway. Cesaro is already over without them. Just keep him on his own and hope he improves on the stick within time.
  17. I think when it does get to that point, he'll do some promo's and segments but keep it short and simple with the talking and show more with the actions.
    If they want to have him with a different manager like Heyman or something I mean I s'pose that will work but either way I think he'll be just fine.
  18. Personally I think he can cope look at Bryan he isn't the greatest talker of all time but his in ring work has got him over. Cesaro can be the same that damn swing just plays to the crowd watching him trying to pull it on Cena Monday then finally succeeding was awesome.
  19. They should turn Big Show heel again eventually (since him changing his face/heel alignment is usually a yearly thing) and have him put over Cesaro. Imagine Cesaro doing the Big Swing on "The World's Largest Athlete."
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  20. Sylvester Lefort pls
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