If Chris Masters ever returned...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Chris was fired the first time from the E due to steroids and wasn't really that good back then, but once he returned he had slimmed down (still kept his massive build though) and had gotten better in the ring. Yet he was relegated to Superstars after a while despite working some of his best matches when on Superstars and being fairly over.

    Obviously some time has passed since then and Chris has kept working indy dates, improving in the ring some more. Do you think Chris could ever return to WWE and get a decent run out of it? He seems to have all the tools for it, nice build, decent in the ring (especially for a guy his size) and a good look with a fair amount of charisma (not John Cena levels but okay).

    I figure he could be a staple of the mid card, possibly a gate keeper for the main event if booked right.

    Could you see Chris Masters make a WWE return? Or could you see him debut in TNA?

    How do you think such a run would go? Mid card? main event or just back to jobbing?

    How would you personally book him? Would you change up his character?
  2. I'd love to see a feud with Magnus in TNA due to their similarities. Either companies mid card would benefit from him imo he's a solid talent.
  3. I remember thinking he was gonna be a big star when he debuted in 2005. He had a cool entrance, decent music and his Masterlock challenge was awesome. He also beared a resemblance to Paul Orndorff and Lex Luger during his Narcissist days. His push didn't work out for some reason, even before he was punished for steroids (probably a victim of those Start-Stop pushes the WWE gives to some people, where they begin to push a guy, but then change their minds and let the guy fall by the waste side, much like Carlito around this time.)

    I'm indifferent to whether he returns, really.
  4. He's the type of guy who could really benefit from a Zeb-esque manager to speak for him. I always thought his promo skills were weak. He'd be a great addition to Jack Swagger's America. They could have their own little stable of goons.
  5. Man, was I ever high on the guy back when he first debuted and feuded with the likes of Shawn Michaels, John Cena and Kurt Angle. He was a beast and a monster heel, I honestly think if from there they gave him a good mouthpiece to get him over, and if he wasn't such a roid abuser he would've seriously gone places.

    But as of right now I'm not sure how it would turn out if he were to return, I don't watch TNA so let's just consider he went back to the WWE, there are a lot of guys right now getting into the main event picture like Ziggler, Swagger, Ryback, etc.. and a lot of others working the midcard hoping to be there sooner rather than later like the Cesaros and the Barretts and the Kofis. If he were to return the best possible way for him to start is work the midcard scene as a babyface, then if all goes well they can either turn him heel and try to really push him or keep him face if he's over, that's how I'd like to see it if he ever returned soon, and I'd definitely welcome a return of The Masterpiece, but with his old theme song and impressive entrance not that generic crap he came out to during his last run.
  6. Pretty sure he had tryout matches and was rumored to be linked to TNA.. something must have happened in an interview or the negotiation process that turned them off of him, because I thought it was a no brainer he would be a TNA mid carder before long and it just never happened.
  7. Agree. The only thing I'd change is that I'd like to see him feud with Aries
  8. I find him boring and I'm glad he's not on my screen. I just don't see charisma in him, he sucks on the mic, and has a typical oily look. He may have improved but his ring work still bores the crap out of me.
  9. Chris Masters was good but even if he did work in WWE the 1st time i just don't see ever being a main eventer. maybe a mid card champion but that it.
  10. I enjoyed his matches on Superstars in his 2nd run tbh. I think he could've been a solid midcarder. If given a good manager he could even go higher.
  11. if WWE doesn't bring masters back, TNA should sign him, make him a main eventer and win multiple TNA WHCs
  12. I think WWE is done with Masters, which is a shame because the last months he was there he was highly entertaining IMO and his in ring ability had also made a drastic improvement.
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