If CM Punk was drafted to SmackDown.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by DashingPerfection, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. What would happen if The Voice of the Voiceless was drafted to SmackDown the WWE Champion? I know he's been in Smack Down 2-3 years ago, but what if he was drafted there WWE Champion? What I think would happen, is John Cena would come back to SmackDown ,take the title, and bring it back to Raw.
  2. If he drafted to Smackdown he would still be on RAW.
  3. There is no draft. This question is pointless. Stop making threads like this please. You are coming off as not that bright by making threads with pointless questions that are easily answered. Instead look for deeper and more interesting subjects to discuss rather than something I can answer with 5 words.
  4. Depends if the WHC went to Raw it would stay the same, also could Ziggs cash in on him if he was a Smackdown guy since he holds the SD MITB in theory?
  5. Dis! :dawg:
  6. Cena would give it to Raw, but be on SD
  7. You don't get it. There is no distinction between the brands anymore. Smackdown guys are on RAW all the time as is the Smackdown title. If Punk was sent to Smackdown he would still be on RAW every week.
  8. The brand division is non-existant. Everyone is on both shows these days.
  9. DIS! :laugh:
  10. There used to be a WWE Draft. And Ziggler would be able to cash in on CM Punk.
  11. Used to be. It doesn't exist anymore.
  12. :facepalm: you're still not understanding.
    Ziggler's briefcase is for the WHC not WWE Champion.
  13. DIS :BOSS:
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  15. It should be cashed on any championship.
  16. Well it isn't. With two major championships that wouldn't work
  18. Theres no way he will be drafted to Smackdown he is a top star and belongs on Raw also hes gonna be retiring soon so theres no point in him being drafted
  19. That's like Cena cashing in and winning and right after Ziggler cashes in on Cena.
  20. Retiring :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk: :goatface: ?
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