If Daniel Bryan stopped chanting YES!, would the chant disappear as well?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Serious question.

    Do you believe if Daniel Bryan stopped chanting YES! during his entrance, matches or using the catchphrase during segments, the chant would stop? I think it would as it's somewhat of a wrestler and crowd interaction thing. And since that will no longer be a liability, it will result in the chant disappearing. Maybe not in matches though as I can see being something bigger than Bryan.
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  2. Yeah I think the chants from the crowd would stop if he did, maybe not right on the spot but definitely shortly after.
  3. Yeah I think slowly stop if Daniel Bryan stopped using it.
  4. NO NO NO! But Serious it would not b/c fans do it when Bryan not even around. I think the "Yes" Chant will become the 2nd coming of the "What" Chant. Stone Cold have been LONG retire yet to this day wwe fans still say What? to top heel in wwe!
  5. Maybe. Then again, the fans still chant WHAT on occasion to this day, despite Steve Austin not being an on-screen regular since 2004 (and Bryan has been doing the YES thing for longer than Austin was doing WHAT before Austin retired.) Both chants are similar in the sense that they're easy and fun to chant along with the rest of the crowd. However, YES is also somewhat different because the fans don't tend to chant it in segments that Bryan isn't directly involved in (except for when they're purposefully trying to antagonize people who Bryan had just previously feuded with, such as Randy Orton and The Authority last year... that was sort of their way of reminding the brass last December that they wanted to see Bryan as champion and couldn't give a fuck about the "epic" title unification between Cena and Orton.)

    But still, I could see the fans continue to insist of chanting it during Bryan's matches and promos even long after he drops it and no longer encourages it from them. I could also bring up how Big Show himself got the chant going last year even while Bryan was in a whole separate program, which would further support the idea that the chant itself is over all on it's own, but then again, you could also argue that since Show as feuding with The Authority, the fans were just chanting it to further exasperate them as their way of not letting them forget about Bryan.
  6. I would love to find out....

    eventually they would at least substantially decrease. And holy shit, I cannot wait until that day comes.
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