If Daniel Bryan won the WWE title, what next?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Feb 6, 2015.

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  1. If Bryan did win the WWE Championship, what happens next?
    I've got this ominous feeling that if he won it, nothing of note would really happen at all.
    There's no evidence that the company's image would change.
    What do you expect to happen if Daniel Bryan finally had the torch passed to him?

    If the fans got what they wanted, I'm curious, what would be the result?
  2. Well reality would be Rollins cashes in at mania walks out the Champ feuds with DB for a few months doesn't drop the belt till the fans boo and boo and boo. I think some DB fans wouldn't be happy until DB is booked as this monster that wins all the titles and defeats everyone and it's WWE Raw staring Daniel Bryan. As it just goes to show that if fans boo enough the WWE will give in change everything and sooner or later that locker room will start to look at DB as the problem.
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  4. I don't think people want the company to change by having Bryan win the belt.
    Fans want to see a good reign from the guy with good defenses, and he can deliver on that part.
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  5. Really good answers.

    Alluding to Lockard, somewhat, of all the purposed talents to take Cena's mantle Daniel Bryan seems the least likely to make any significant changes to the landscape of the company.
    Ziggler, though, not a franchise changer doesn't have that wholesome image Cena seems to have.
    Reigns, obviously, can be easily perturbed (at least at the moment) by his fellow babyface.
    Ambrose is just unbalanced.
    Rollins, as a babyface, is a mystery but I imagine some fusion of Edge and Jeff Hardy.

    Bryan seems very Cena like in many ways, particularly in how well civilized and respectful he is (i.e. He never gets angry)

    I can deal with another Bret Hart, which is something Stopspot touched on. Many are hot on Bryan and I wonder if they are expecting too much.
  6. Bryan should be cashed in on by Seth Rollins, it just makes sense. Make the guy who's suddenly become one of your biggest heels in Seth "Traitorface" Rollins champion by making him cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase on your undisputed #1 babyface in Daniel Bryan. Not only could we then see Bryan chase the title one more time for one proper reign, but Rollins has most of the faces coming after him and we get brilliant matches after brilliant matches. IMO, all I want to see is some good storylines and great matches - Bryan can achieve that for me, and if he was to be cashed in on by Rollins, he gets another chance to get into the main event and then hold the title for more than 50 days with a defence against someone not called Kane.
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  7. Give Kane the mask back and we're set.
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  8. Fans start to complain about "Super Bryan" winning all of his matches and burying up and comers.
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  9. Yup that's what I see happening as well. Pretty soon it's another Cena the title belt falling back to him. But over all what happens to him once the Authority angle is over? He's only really gotten this white hot since having to deal with them and hopefully that story won't keep going like a bad song.
  10. As much as I like DB I don't want to see him go to WM and get the rub off Brock as he's already made, give that to someone who isn't. I really want to see Roman come out on Monday Night after beat up from a war going "I put the Beast down!" or "I beat the One who put the one in twenty one and one." Defend the belt for a month maybe two vs Rollins who maybe attempted to cash in on Rollins that night at WM but still lost.
  11. You really think Rollins' cash in on the new champ (Reigns) is gonna fail? I disagree. I see it happening at Mania, right after Reigns defeats Lesnar. Just watch it happen.

    And I wouldn't care who the champ may be, whether it's Reigns or Bryan or Lesnar, Rollins successfully cashing in at Mania and ruining their big moment would be dope.
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  12. I'm afraid wanting one more proper WWE-WHC run from Bryan may be hoping for too much, at this point.

    But hey, it's Reigns who'll be on top for a while, not Cena and that's all that matters.
  13. it's not happening
  14. Watch it happen, man
  15. how many Manias have closed with a heel figure on top? genuine question. not many
  16. True. But what if this one does?

    I've been pulling for this scenario to happen for so long and if it does happen, that'd be dope.
    And if it doesn't, it'll be a proof it's been just a fantasy-booking all along, and I'll gladly admit you were right and I was wrong.
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  17. it would be more interesting than just closing the show with Roman reigning but odds are that is what we get
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    We'll see if that ends up being the case, bro. Not like I would mind it or anything.
  19. Only three (16, 17, and 27.) And out of those three, only 16 felt like the bad guy had won. Austin got cheered at 17 since they were in Texas, and Rock costing Cena the match at 27 made the fans happy enough to look past the fact that Miz retained his championship (although the less said about Miz headlining Wrestlemania let alone winning, the better.)

    If anything, the fact that Wrestlemania is usually known for ending on a happy note would make Rollins cashing in stand out that much more since that type of ending isn't something we see often (especially since it would be the first cash-in at a Mania.) Would be a complete 180 of the happy ending we got last year.
  20. another reason I don't think it happens: Rollins cashin in is likely to be well received by smarks. WWE won't want Reigns being boo'd while Rollins gets a hero reception for cashing in on him

    same reason you won't see it the night after mania
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