Summerslam If Finn Balor were to win...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Aug 14, 2016.

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  1. "The way that Rollins has made his mark on the entire WWE in the last few years, from being WWE Champion to being the chosen one of The Authority to carrying the main event scene for over a year. Since making his comeback from injury earlier in the year he won the WWE Championship from Roman Reigns, albeit for only a matter of minutes.

    If we are to use WWE logic, where Balor heads into SummerSlam only being a former NXT Champion, then any win by Balor would be an upset. If Balor was to walk out of Brooklyn with that new Universal Championship around his waist, not only would Rollins be far from happy, but the majority of the WWE Universe would feel like their man had been beaten by someone not worthy."

    If Finn took the win over Seth it would be a HUGE upset. There has been talks of this happening but I feel it is very unlikely. I think this may not sit very well with a lot of the fans and would potentially trigger a lot of hate for the WWE. With that being said, what do you guys think?
  2. It's a whole lot easier to say "Seth is the favorite" now than it will be when Demon Balor is staring him down.
  3. I would consider it an upset absolutely. Rollins has pretty squarely established himself as one of the absolute top guys on the main roster. With the Shield, his world title reign, beating Roman Reigns cleanly and being the number 1 draft pick... a guy just recently called up from NXT, regardless of who it was, would have to be considered an upset. But that doesn't mean it won't happen. (I doubt it will, though) .

    That's less of a statement on Balor, of course, than it is on his recent career path.
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  4. Finn Bálor is an up-and-coming superstar, so yes, defeating already established Rollins would be considered an upset.

    I still have Rollins winning, though. He's the "Mr. I Did It First", so I expect him to defeat Bálor and become the inaugural Universal Champion.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. The only way I see Bálor winning is if they do a double turn. A clean win for Demon King would surprise the hell outta me.

    Also, Bálor will be bringing his Demon persona in Brooklyn, most likely.

    So, given he's had only 1 loss under said persona in NXT, not sure if The Demon will be protected on the main roster as much as he used to in NXT. I mean, he was a big deal there.

    I think they oughtta protect The Demon, so that when someone finally beats him clean, it's a big deal. Same as when Samoa Joe did it. But, we'll see.
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  5. I think Balor will win. I think the Club will win the tag titles too. Balor Club comes together with the gold around their waist
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  6. I would like to see Balor/Seth double turn with The Club interfering in the main event, but I dont think WWE wants to tarnish the legitimacy of "the demon king" gimmick by having Finn not win clean. Wouldn't make sense to have him win clean either considering Finn has been a face since stepping into the WWE. Finn's push is definitely a little too fast for my taste and I would have liked to see him have something separate rather than straight to the big title.

    I feel the same way about Finn's push in the same way I felt about Reigns, where it was just so obvious that it's going to happen that the upcoming match is stale before it's even happened. I'm sure the match itself will be great, wrestling wise, but Im not a big fan storywise. There could be a lot more animosity built up between the two for this match as well as the prestige for the actual championship. In short, I dont feel any stakes for this match.
  7. I think there's a better narrative in Rollins winning and Balor chasing. But if the last three weeks of build where any indication, Balor is going over clean as a whistle. Would it be an upset? On paper yes but in reality we all had an Idea after the first RAW of the "New" era.
  8. If Balor wins all the people complaining about Roman being pushed too fast will have to shut up right? That's the deal?
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  9. That's the funniest thing about this entire situation to me. All the Roman haters are praising Balor for the same shit they hate Reigns for...the hypocrisy is real.
  10. Being a wrestling fan is the greatest balancing act on a double standard ever
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  11. I'm a fan of Reigns but the reason people didn't like him was because his work didn't justify the push, Balor's does to them. It's not hypocrisy.
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