If (God Help Us) Big Show wins, who stops him?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Yeah, it's scary thinking Big Show's push means going over Cena whether clean or dirty, but who would you have stop him?
  2. :ryback:
  3. Hell yeah.
  4. I don't to sound like a Ryback mark or anything, but I don't really have any other idea.
  5. If I had it my way it'd be Ryback burying him too. But if it's too soon, I'd push Kingston against him to be honest. The ultimate underdog story-line.
  6. Ryback would need a serious push, which looks unlikely. Bryan would fit nicely as he could rip show, put on a good match and is built pretty well, especial if he wins the belt.

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  7. If Bryan turns face it would be pretty cool.
  8. Ryback, Riley, Bryan or of course :otunga:
  9. I suggested Ryback myself a while ago. But Big Show won't lose. They wouldn't even think to build someone up as a heel and sell them as a threat just to job them to John Cena in their first big PPV match afterwards, would they? [/sarcasm]
  10. Exactly, thats why Lesnar and Jericho won. (also sarcasm)
  11. triple h stops him
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  12. Hire APA to take him out :jbl: :damn:
    Or maybe CM Punk, he might try to go after title after Cena, or Kofi since he took out R-Truth
  13. I want to be sick.
  14. Someone should take out Triple H if that is to happen.
  15. :bury: :shovel:
  16. It's burying time! :bury: :shovel:
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  17. No one likes the Kingstop push? I know Dolph's will :boss1:
  18. I stop him via fast forwarding his shitty segments.
  19. God forbid Big Show wins? i think you spelled Cena wrong
  20. Have you never met Crayo before?
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