If Hulk Hogan was truly a racist, then I've always wondered why he still made a choice ...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aztecwarrior480, Aug 27, 2015.

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  1. at his own free will to work with black wrestlers like The Rock(although only half black) and Booker T?

    It really wouldn't make much sense for Hogan to work with many black wrestlers if he really had such racial hostility towards them.

    I also wonder that since the WWE has now completely erased Hulk Hogan from their history like they did with Chris Benoit, are they now gonna pretend that they've never inducted Hulk Hogan into the WWE Hall of Fame?
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  2. I doubt they'll keep him wiped out long, he'll be back once it all dies down. I don't think Hulk is racist persay he's just an old man who hasn't quite moved with the times.
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  3. Hogan may have said some racist remarks and although he shouldn't have said them, this doesn't mean he just hates blacks, etc. he just said some dumb shit that was taken as racist and he's paying for it.
  4. WWE is trying too hard to please the small minority of parents who still care about being politically correct. No one gives a shit if Hogan made a racist comment, back in 2012 (or 2006).
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  5. There's a good chance they would have gone bonkers at any time it's a very sensitive subject for alot of people.
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  6. Probably because he isn't actually racist in that he hates all black people. He's just against interracial dating (which isn't really racist in itself) and used offensive language when talking about certain kinds of black folks that he doesn't like.

    Whether anyone realizes it or not, there's a good number of people (probably most) who use or have used "racist" terms before to describe certain people of a particular ethnicity that they don't like. No different than calling a woman a bitch or a ****, really.
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  7. People don't like hearing reality anymore. I don't hate all blacks or whites, but some of them make me so mad that it's tempting to cut them down in some way. Hogan chose his words poorly but it doesn't mean he's racist.
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  8. Why do people only see black and white in racism? It sounds ignorant saying stupid shit like "I don't hate all blacks of whites" because you could have easily just said "I give everyone a fair shot regardless of skin color," or at least found a way to acknowledge you hate/tolerate more than just blacks and whites. I really could give a shit if people are racist or not tbh, I just think it speaks to the persons character.
  9. I used it for example purposes. I believe people can be racist against Mexicans and chinese, etc..... Anyone.

    Can't please everyone with every statement you make. Again, just an example.
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  10. Plus in America black and white was a huge issue for a long time. So yes it's a default thought, but racism exists among all.

    Since I'm an American it makes some sense to think of that example first. I don't think it proves "ignorance" lol
  11. This election will be everyone vs Mexicans, forget about all other immigrants.
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  12. Hogan wanting to be Trump's vice president - after Trump said all those racist things about Mexican Immigrants? Does this guy think before he spews? lol.
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  13. Trump/Hogan vs Vince/Stone Cold please
  14. Isn't Vince the chief of the KKK or has the IWC moved past that?
  15. Vince is my lover
  16. He said some stupid shit however.

    If you have ever told a rtacist joke, soneone filmed it and then it became public how would you look?

    How about being drunk and telling jokes about women/various racial groups etc.

    My mother is an older women, raised me to believe our blood is all red ragardless of where we come from and she was a liberal. Recently though she said something about she was happy sister did not marry certain ethnic groups. She did not care who I married/dated and it is not because she is racist but because of those cultures treatment of women. She would not care though if my sister married someone based on their skin colour though, she might if they were from a certain culture/country.

    If she was a politician or celebrity and that was filmed yeah she would look bad.

    I very rarely use the N word but its not really such a big deal here. When I do use it it is for shock effect and designed to offend usually in a joke but once again if I was famous and that was filmed. I like politically incorrect jokes the more offensive the better but there is a time and place for them